Tuesday 8th September 2009

but my two feet can't find a way.

What:                         turbo.
Why:                           little choice.
Last hard:                 nothing hard at the minute.
Last rest:                  7/9.

Back is improving but of course not quickly enough for me. Coach has put me on the turbo now until Friday - when I get to try a swim. Oh yippee.

If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • morning

    What: nothing so far
    Why: recovery
    Last hard: marathon  on sunday
    Last rest: yesterday

    back to work todayimage  I really do need to find another way of earing a living.

    Might run when I get home as my legs are actually feeling OK.  My DOMs appears not to have been delayed at all, had it all yesterday and now it's getting better. 

    Have a good day.  I won't.

  • Morning All

    What: 5 miles easy
    Why: Have a 5K race on Thursday and realised last night when pushing on at club run that in my old age I probably can't cope with two hard days in succession anymore. So easy today, rest tomorrow, should probably be two days rest but I can't cope with that!
    Last hard: Last night 5K TT (on the hilly course where the race will be held on Thursday) in 38C in 21-10 (this actually include a 10M walk going up the hill!)
    Last Rest: Friday

    To those that asked Garmin 310XT seems pretty similar to all the other Garmins I've had, (301, 305, 405) in use, however never liked the 405 as bezel doesn't like sweat. 310 Reportedly has a 20 hour battery life which is the bit that appealed to the ultra runner in me. Like Joe Hawk I hate the Orange colour. No idea what they cost in UK their about 200GBP here.

    Run well 

  • Good afternoon, everyone
    Been a bit sidetracked the last 3 days, those bathrooms don't redecorate themselves, so been busy with paints, tiles and grouting while wedged into small gaps.
    Had a read back so e & oe....
    welcome Xk & Hoofin
    nice 800s from 40 and Andy B, must admit yasso s are my favourite speedwork (if there is sucha thing)
    Nice win Gobi in Denmark and Hilly in less glamarous surroundings, and super racing from RFJ at Overton, like the course there, although not run it for 2 or 3 years.
    TmR the LDWA event sounded good, I like a lot of their events, must try to do more
    Well done to mava on teh mara, Tec at the 10m and DesRes on the 10k peebee
    Ryan - goooooaaaaaaaaaallllll - NICE!
    plus some decent mileage logged rom SL, Paddy,40, AF & XK
    TT - all the best

    Saturday - no running
    Sunday - 11 or 12 easy miles
    Monday - 4 recovery
    Today - club night so who knows


  • LMH
    I find this lyrics thing tough enough without taking them out of the middle!

    What:  12 slow miles
    Why:  Something to do while Ford undertake some minor surgery on car
    Last hard:  2 days
    Last rest:  4 or 5 days, lost track(!)

    Club night tomorrow.

  • A'noon peeps.

    What:4M in the pouring rain

    Quiet on here today eh !

    Read back time and a no for the lyrics as usual.

    Have a good one.

  • Afternoon

    Had a good 3 x 3000 last nite at HMP. (sound's like i was inside!!)

    8 or so easyish later.

    No to Lyrics today!!

    Quiet today. Not much more to say - back to work!!

  • Afternoon,

    Disappointing 6M from me at lunch time.  Original plan was an intervals session.  However, yesterday I managed to stand on something sharp in the kitchen and now have a tiny, tiny cut on my foot.  Wouldn't be anything to comment on except that it is exactly where I land with each stride!  Set off today to see what it felt like and it was almost immediately clear I wouldn't be going anywhere quickly.  Toyed with the idea of just turning round, but it started to settle down a bit, so I kept going.  But I couldn't get any speed up and legs felt pretty dead.

    Anyway, got back to the office and discovered a) a blood stained sock and b) a small (very small) piece of glass in my foot.  Couldn't see it yesterday when I looked, but I guess I was lucky and running on it moved it out rather than further in.

    Foot now feeling much, much better!

    Dustin - snap - although I cheated and got someone else to do the tricky bits - am now painting whenever I get the chance, but am the proud owner of a new bath/shower/toilet/wash basin with associated tiling etc.

    Have a good day.

  • Afternoon

    Mava - hope you can find a way, still trying myself. Enjoy your rest you deserve it

    Today i had planned on 8 quarter milers (plus toying with different recoveries) today i recovered when HR went below 120 i think one of the earlier coaches of yesteryear suggested this method

    But it was very warm, brought a bottle of water stuck it by a tree intervals on grass field half was up a gradual slope into a headwind so that has to be worth a second or two. Decided to cut it short after 4 reps could feel it in my legs.

    good news for me. I thought i might miss some of the open graded track meets held locally over the winter but they are on a week earlier than they were last year. so it will be more mile and 5000m races this winter, maybe the odd 800m

    What: 3.23 miles (including 4 x ¼miles - 1:55, 1:52, 1:54, 1;58)
    Why: teach legs whats it like
    Last Hard: Today
    Lyrics: ha ha ha - NO

  • SGQ - Youwwwwww!!!! Hope you are ok. Have you got someone to look at it to make sure nothing else is there. I know what its like
  • Pammie - it's definitely OK now.  It's had a good examination and, anyway, I can feel when I walk around that it is clear now.  It was one of those where you don't realise how uncomfortable it felt until it stops.  Like when you have a cold, think you are getting better, and then wake up one morning and think "Ah - that's what it actually feels like when you are better".
  • Afternoon all,

    LMH:  The head is currently dis-associating itself from anything to do with the absurd activity I intend to undertake on the 20th

    RFJ:  congrats on the mug!

    SGQ:  Ouch!

    • What:  10mi with 10x100m strides
    • Why:  General aerobic and taper.  Slightly promising as 2 min quicker that I've run this route before. 
    • Last Hard:  Friday
    • Last Rest:  22/8

    Have a good one!

  • Looking good AF!

    Few people sounding not very happy at the moment.

    Mava - good news the legs aren't too bad.

    Dubai Dave - good luck with the 5k on Thursday. I've  never had a garmin - sounds like they are a pretty neat tool

    What: O'Hagan's 5k - best time for a long while, and as like everyone else, I'm getting older all the time - 21.30 - should be happy, but was actually pretty unhappy to start with as a few women went past me on  the return journey!

    Up early as I'm paying for it - bad cramp in legs - hate to think what they'd be like if I'd run a marathon!

    Good running everyone.

  • evening all.

    quiet on here indeed.

    No running for me this evening. My legs might be OK-ish but my feet are killing me.  Most of the second half of sundays marathon was on concrete seafront and the balls of both feet are really sore.  Hope to be able to run tomorrow though. 

    Good run at O'Hagan's NZC.

    SGQ - ouch.  Glad you got that sorted though. 

    Pammie - should be good for you to get to some track meets.

    Have a good evening all. 

  • Evening all,

    RFJ - you can't lose at the mo !!!

    NZC -nice 5k time, hope the legs recover sooner rather than later.

    Mava - hope you are able to run again soon image

    SGQ - ouch - good to hear further injury has been avoided and good work out considering the handicap you endured

    Dustin - thanks for the mention, enjoy your new bathroom!

    LMH - glad there's been some improvement today, can i ask what the turbo is ? excuse my ignorance image

    as for me, was not sure whether to train today or have a rest. i got some chores done in town had some lunch and mulled it over.

    come mid afternoon i felt i would go for a run, my first run since Sundays 10 miler, very glad to say no ill effects and had a nice steady paced 5 mile run inc some hills.

    entered a new race yesterday night so i have a target in mind for my training. i am going to do the inaugural "South Molton Struggle" approx 7 Mile multi terrain run on October 11th, am really pleased as the post race blues were setting in, i really like to have targets for my training.

    what - Hilly 5.5 miles
    Why - schedule
    Last Hard - Sunday
    Lyrics - i've looked the artist up, i would never have got it anyways image
  • Afternoon everyone

    What: 22 min run this morning (3.07 miles)
    Why: Still building time, 10% rule and all that
    Last hard: 31/ 09
    Last rest: Yesterday

  • What: 25 miles on the bike, swim, circuits and a run d&d
    gym PM
    Why: I have to
    Last hard: Saturday
    Last rest: 13th June
    Lyrics: nope

    Would you believe my change of role is keeping me off the forums....?
  • Evening all, not able to get on yestrday

    Good 800s ppl!

    Like that idea Tec, hate wen i dnt have a race 4 a while!

    NZC - good tym man

     Club session last night, 6x400 with 200 recovery, 600 recov after last 1 then 6x100

    400s - 78s - 73s 

    100s - 19s - 15s

    Good session, meeting aftrwords - kits still haven't came (won't have them 4 saturdays 10k in clogher     image )

    2day -

    What: hoping to get out 4 6mile veri soon, if not it'll b 6mile 2mara

    Why: because its a race work meanin im nli running 4days incl. race, insted of usual 5 - wanna get a gd tym funni enugh!

    Last Hard: Yestrday werent bad

    Last Rest: Sumtym last week, fri?

    Lyrics: u no me, im nt gd at them!

  • Evening all

    What: 2 miles very easy 
    Why: First attempt at running for a few months, after falling off my bike . 
    Last hard: Thankfully not today, but the last few months have been pretty tough
    Last rest: that will be yesterday
    Lyrics: no

  • AF, looks like the taper is doing what it is supposed to, then

    NZC, that's a mighty fine improvement over the last few months. Well done

    What: am discus session with coach; lunchtime: 3.5ml easy; pm: 6.5ml
    Supposed to be a track session, but legs still feeling very tired, perhaps after Saturday, rather than the marathon, or perhaps it is more that my head still isn't ready for a proper session
  • Tec- a turbo is a device that you attach your bike to thereby making it in to a static bike.

    SCQ - hardcore image

    NZC - nice! Hope the legs settle down quickly.

    Gobi - work getting in the way of forum time? Whatever is happening to the world?

    Mava - hope you can find an escape route.

    AF - sounds as though you'll be bouncing off the walls come the start.

    Lyrics - I don't feel like dancing, Scissor Sisters.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Evening all,

    Been away for a few days, so a bit of catching up to do.

    TmR: Chatsworth / Baslow way is lovely. I have to say though that I get a peverse type of enjoyment from ploughing through the peat groughs that typify Kinder and Edale. I really must do some LDWA events soon.

    LmH: It was actually quite warm (though that might have been because I spent most of the time getting the bags from the boxes as I had the longest arms!)

    RFJ: well raced

    NZC: superb run at o'hagans

    What: 11m on the MTB / 4m on the road bike / 10m run
    Why: fun / post service shakedown / I heard rumors that miles make champions...

  • Hi all

    Not been for a few days!

    ((Mava)) Hope today was not too horrendous. And wow!! Well done on your marathon and fast leg recovery too! J

    DD – that is some hot running – hehe! Best of luck for Thursday

    SGQ – Major ouch!! Oooh – that made my stomach do a flip. Glass in foot – oowiiiee!

    DIYers Dustin and SGQ – calling SOS. When done come to mine? I have loads of decorating that needs doing. image I could even do cook cooks for you. image Might require more decorating after though...

    NZC – many congrats on your 5k. I too get crampy legs after long or hard bikes. I sit down and then frighten everyone in the room when I leap up very quickly as I feel it coming on.

    Tec – well done on your 10 mile race at the weekend. J

  • What
    Saturday - I biked 40 odd miles all around the coast at a fair pace, worked hard. Good ride

    Sunday I biked 65 Audax miles - very good fun and a lovely day out with a few blasts up the hills.

    Monday - I returned to the pool that has not seen me for dust for 3 months - eek! Needless to say my swim was dire. Technique forgotten, appalling really. But ho hum at least I'm swimming again!

    Today - I biked 33 miles. Warm up ride out, then sprints x 3, then recovery ride home.  Lap 1 - slower rider gets a 20 second head start (there were 3 of us), we then sprint to try and catch and caught we did, but it hurt. Lap 2, the other 2 head off with a 15 second head start and I solo it trying to catch them. I just missed it by about 1 sec at the end - killed myself trying - ok I'm still alive really! Lap 3 I head off with one other and other one tries to catch us, which he did just before the end. By now I am seriously dying. Wobble legs are me - hehe. Fab ride! image
    Why: first time trial on 27 Sept, 100 mile sportive on Sunday

    Happy days. image

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