Not been out for over 4 weeks - what can I expect?

Its been over four weeks since I went out jogging and even then I was still in the walk/run stages, covering about 2 miles and struggled to move on.

 I have found it so hard to get motivated to go back out on my own (was going last week) that I have arranged to meet a couple of friends later.  Even tho they are further on than me and faster runners, we are just meeting at the local playing fields and will kind of do our own thing but it has motivated me to think I am not going on my own, ifyswim!!

 Anyway, what can I expect with not going out for a while, should I just be aiming to walk?

 I don't want to set myself up thinking I should be running like I was and be disapointed.  I don't take disapointment very well!!

 Any tips please?


  • I would aim for the mindset that going out is the first step to getting back into it, and moving onwards and upwards.  Doesn't matter what you do once you're there - the fact is you got out.  See how it goes and then plan from there.  If it's crap and you can barely walk then at least you can have a sensible plan based on your fitness now.  If it's better than crap then at least you'll know.  But the bottom line is that you'll have been out, which you didn't do last week!

    Good luck!
  • R -  I had a break of 4 years without breaking into so much as a stagger for a bus.  A 4 week layoff is a blip.. and at least you are making the big effort to break the cycle and get out there again.

    I am hardly able to give advice but from my own experience can only say just do it for enjoyment, forget progress, meet your mates, run round a bit have a chat and then make plan to do it again.


  • So... did you go?????
  • Yes, I did go and yes, I was crap!!

     Problem is, before, I found it difficult to run on grass (better pounding pavements!) and last night, the usual place was out of action so we ended up on the playing fields and I struggled!!

     My friends are far better than me so I don't know if I am any better off going with them but it did give me the push to get out again.  Will go on my own tomorrow afternoon, after work and see how I get on!

     Thank you for asking!

  • I think Im one of these people who prefer going out alone....I have one or two other people I know who into running/fitness, and I found if I go with one of them, I feel Im either holding them back or I struggle to keep up and that makes me feel worse...OOOOOORRRR....if I go out with my other half or one of my other friends...they take more breaks and I lose momentum so to speak and either feel like I havent got enough from my run, or get bored of walking and feel guilty they are out of breath...

    I know everybody is different, but one of the reasons I got into running was because I liked to have that time on my own where I dont feel like anybody is comparing theirselves to me, that and the gym was getting expensive, and although I had my own equipment in my garage, it did get a bit stuffy in there at times....let alone boring repetative.

    Anyways....I know most people prefer running with someone else...and Im probably just weird....but I feel I preform better when Im in my own little world with my ipod on, singing away to myself, I might get funny looks for all I know....but, I dont even notice them, Im too lost in my own little world!

  • R - don't keep thinking you're crap!  The main thing is that you went out at all!

    It took me ages and ages to build up any kind of distance (ha ha, I use the term loosely!) running outside, despite having good stamina on the treadmill.  My moment of revelation came when I dropped my pace and expectations, and ran just as slow as is humanly possilbe.  And I've gradually built up my endurance since then (that was 3 weeks ago - after first running outside in April!)  I've gone from not being able to do more than 10 mins without a break to 50 mins last Saturday.  All unbelievably slowly, but enjoying it! (5.3 mph is almost walking.)

    The other thing is, as B Team said (hello!  We have the same icon, I see), if you have low expectations, you can't be disappointed.

    Let me know if you try it.

  • I had an enforced lay off for 28 days due to an ilness and before i was running 1 hour easyish but I had dropped to a maximum of 30mins but I built up to 1hr in 8 days so dispite being ill I had retained some fitness but what suprised me was how quick I was back running for 1hr. so dont be dispondent push on and you will soon be back to where you were and then soon improving image
  • Brian, I don't think you're weird because I only like running on my own too. With the exception of climbing where you need others, all my exercise / fitness is solo.

    R, the thing with any lay-off is you know it's going to hurt when you re-start. Just don't expect too much until you're back into it or you'll struggle psychologically with it. Leave the watch at home and just get out there.

  • Well I went out again last night (first time since last Tuesday) on my own, with my i-pod! and wow, what a difference!!

     Ok, so whilst I had to walk up a couple of hills I did over 1.5 miles which I covered in 30 mins with a mix of walk/run but the run bit was about 20 mins (told you I was slow!lol.)

     I think going out alone is still the way to go and it has given me the motivation to carry on!

     Back out tomorrow morning!

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