iTB marathon dilema

Hi all,

i have been struggling with ITB pain all summer and now thanks to a combination of physio, foam roller and excercises at home I am beginning to get over it. I have only been running for less than a year and although I could run about 17 miles before the injury, for about 8 weeks in early summer i couldn't run at all. I have been in running rehab since early august (I run with a patt strap on which helps with the knee pain) and am back up to the 13 mile mark now.

i have my first marathon in 7 weeks and given that I probably need a 3 week taper I wonder if it is sensible to try and push the training runs up to about 20 miles before the big day. Does anyone have any advice on how best to train over the next 6 weeks or so, bearing in mind that I don't want another flair up of the injury.




  • You would be best to discuss this with your physio or someone who can assess your injury rather than us strangers. I have done a few marathons whilst in the grip of ITB issues, with the help and support of a good physio and i really just did what i was told (within reason) and that got me through. I followed all my plans - did my 20s etc but what worked for me could put you back in agony.
  • thanks gym addict, that was my plan and my physio reckons it is achievable, just feels like i was going so well before the injury and now I'm questioning if i can complete the marathon. Just wondered if anyone else has had similar problems and still completed a marathon. How does your ITB feel after a marathon? How long do you rest for before starting to do decent length runs again?
  • I limped to the start - ran the race slowly but no issues from knees - limped from the minute i finshed and was in a lot of pain for the next week or so. Lots of physio after that and eventually got rid of nearly all the pain - did another mara few months later- was fine - did another(8 weeks later) and had to stop at 13 miles and walk/hobble as quick setting concrete appeared in knee joints.

    Took a break after that and got totally rid of it before doing another one.

  • I had a bad period of itbs in 2006, I had some treatment and rested before London mara that year.  Pain came on at about mile 17 but I continued and it went away.  When I stopped to get my chip off, I couldn't bend my knee again.  I was stiff for a few days and then it just went away with all the other stiffness...never had it since, although I do all my longer runs these days on footpaths and towpaths rather than in the camber of the road.
  •  Hi Lastplace - im in exactly the same predicament as you - im now only 3 weeks away and the longest I had run before the ITBS was 16 miles. Ive been working hard at the physio and podiatrist exercises and  Im going to attempt an 18/20 next week - im not sure if this is a good idea. Im doing a 13 miler tomo to see what happens. Anyway im running the Amsterdam Marathon, my first on the 18th. Im so glad its going to be flat! Ill tell you how it goes!

    Gym addict did you use a knee strap above the knee at all? If so any recommenations? And did you take anti-inflammatorys before the run?

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