End of season sale

FOR SALE: 1 slightly bedraggled Premiership outfit. Answers to name of West Ham United. Sold as job lot or inidividual pieces. All offers considered. Moving leagues, hence need for quick sale. Bargain prices - be quick!!!


  • I'll give you £5 for Di Canio - he's lovely!!!
  • Sorry Nemo - my Mum's just outbid you. She's offered a tenner.
  • Blast! How about £20 if you throw in James as well?!?
  • Deal.

  • A tenner for the young right back (whose name escapes me!)...he'd look great in sky blue at The City of Manchester Stadium!!

    Felt so sorry for Trev, and as for Robbie Savage...well it's all in the name...
  • Glen Johnson's his name. He is, as Big Ron might say, "A bit of a prospect". Think he's England U21 captain, certainly one of the few glimmers of light in a terrible season. A certain Mister Wenger has reportedly been sniffing around a bit already... I'd like to think he's one who might stay, but who knows?

    And you're dead right about Savage.

    (Your new stadium is going to be GREAT, by the way. I was there to see the Commonwealth Games and I know they've done a lot since then to spruce it up even more .)
  • It didn't take them long.....

    just read on football365 that Defoe has already handed in a transfer request.

  • Glen Johnson...for sure a future star and a season in div 1 will not do him any harm whatsoever.

    Saw some pics of the stadium and yes it looks amazing...still shed a tear for the loss of Maine Road though...all that history. Isn't it typical of City to burst the balloon and go out with such a whimper though?!

    I HATE relegation though it's a necessity for the game to thrive...been through it too many times and spent most of yesterday choked and on the verge of tears for all the fans and players involved...I'm sure the Hammers will be back, surely far too talented a squad not to bounce straight back up...assuming they don't lose half the players before the season starts...
  • Man City have certainly been through the mill over the past few years, so it's good that you're back where you should be. Hopefully West Ham will bounce back, but who knows??? As for Defoe - well, I can't blame him. He's been another good un this season, but if he thinks he's going to get straight into a Champions League starting 11 for Man Yoo or whoever, I think he's being a bit hopeful. Just look at Jermain Pennant and Francis Jeffers at Arsenal. He's still one for the future and he's no Wayne Rooney. Better to be a bit part in a big team than a fixture in a losing team, I gues. David James will be next - he'll tapped up by Fergie's men while on England duty and then he'll be on his way. Although Nemo just bought him - so that's the end of the matter.

    I'll be taking my boots to Upton Park next season and I think I'll be in with a shout!
  • Tomorrow's tabloid headlines today:


    (Only running will keep me sane this summer...)
  • Still not convinced by Calamity James so wouldn't mind Fergie having him!!

    I think that most of the hammers young talent (Cole, Carrick?, Defoe, Johnson) are all young enough to have a season away from the Premiership without damaging their international prospects at all. As you rightly say they wouldn't walk into the starting 11 at the bigger clubs anyhow so best to stay playing regular football...also their confidence will have taken a huge knock...sometimes playing in a lower league is great as you win more matches!!
  • Be our first chance for years of winning something! (But I wouldn't could on it.)
  • It does make a nice change to be fighting for the positive of promotion rather than relegation. Just don't go down the road of City (and almost Derby and Coventry) and keep going down though!!

    I remember the summer after relegation and the papers only full of the Premiership news. Then the fixtures come out and it hits you again that your team aint in the top league...bloody awful and something I'd only wish on Man Yoo, Tottenham and anyone Robbie Savage plays for!!
  • T & T - Life aint so bad in the First there matey apart from the money that WHUFC will lose!
  • You'll be in the Prem next season though Bobo! I think we should sign Sheringham as player/coach really quickly.
  • I remember many a team going down who were "too good to go down" or would "bounce straight back up".

    I hope Liverpool buy Carrick, Cole and Kannoute myself. But we wait and see.

    Hammers can bounce back up next season, but it's gonna be tough without the players that they'll have to sell. The one's that will stay will be the ones that got them into trouble in the first place. Tough job.
  • You're most welcome to Carrick and Kanoute. Losing Cole would be a killer, though. And as for Defoe, well what can you expect - he's going out with Beckham's sis, so he's definitely been tapped up (so to speak!).

    I think... Sell Defoe for £8m. Buy Zamora. Save loads on wages and save loads on transfer fee.
  • Not sure if Zamora would be the same player in Division 1. He's a great Division 2/3 player, he needs to get better to make it into Div 1.

    If Liverpool don't buy Cole I'll be gutted myself. We could do with Kewel as well mind.
  • Wonder if Gerard will be in for Sinclair again? Nippy on the wings (when the mood takes him) and Liverpool have been criticised for playing way too narrow this season...
  • Liverpool have been criticised for that many a season. Thing is, you don't need wingers to have width in the team.

    Ideally, buy Duff, but I think United have a better chance if they want him (who wouldn't). Would be great if we could grab him though.

    Sinclair getting on a bit this year and not really a winger anyway. Used to play upfront as I remember. Decent player chipped in with a few goals, but unless he's available for 2 million or something really low, then I reckon leave him.

    It's going to be very interesting to see who we buy this year.

    My list is:
    Cisse (from Auxere, a forward)
    Kanoute (if less than 4 million)
    Joe Cole
    Harry Kewel (unlikely though)
    Jason Koumas (I've seen this kid play from Tranmere days, and I tell you he's the business, and still so young)
  • Think it'll pretty much be name your price at Upton Park...
  • It's a shame really. You have to wonder how West Ham got into this mess in the first place. All it needed was one more win earlier in the season and you'd be ok.

    (Only he says).

    Bolton have been unlucky though. The amount of games where they have been 1-0 infront, only to lose or draw in the last few minutes. They probably deserved to stay up more I wreckon.
  • I agree - Bolton wanted it more, deserved it more. And the fans can't just blame poor old Roeder because it's the same squad that finished 7th the season before...
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    I'm sure we (Wolves) will help buy a few of the West Ham players when we go up...
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