Wanted - flat tum



  • Yeah. Tuesdays at 6.30, Thursdays at 8pm. Either/or.

    This is the 3rd week out of (I think) an 8 week 'course'. It works out at about £6 a session though you pay at the start of the course. I presume you pay less 'pro rata' if you join late. Worth ringing first to check though.

  • Just a quick post to say that Runners' World got in touch with me about this thread. In short, they are going to do a short training article on my quest for a flat tum, so look out for it in a future edition!
  • With a before and after photo?
  • Just a before...but it's a 'before the tum got out of control' before, so it's not too terrible! In fact, it's me after finishing the marathon, so I look quite knackered...
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