Thursday 10 September 2009

we're gonna have a celebration

NZC - Well done on the 5km

WL - Aaaaaahhh the confdence of work colleagues,

What:  6 miles
Why: easy day
Last Hard: tuesday
Lyrics: we all need it once in a while, glad to say i have one as of now


  • Morning

    TmR: I find running long runs on consecutive days far harder than just keeping going, as soon as I stop and rest, back muscles etc start to stiffen up and running it off hurts. Still haven't decided 100% to do both marathons, but its sitting there in the back of my mind and after all I don't expect to race two off road marathons with a combined ascent of somewhere in the region of 10,000 feet!

    LMH: two days off should do your back the world of good.

    what: Iftar challenge 5K tonight at 1815.................. should be around 40C !
    Why: Have run it for years, I won the M50 class last year.
    Last Hard: Will be tonight
    last Rest: Yesterday and I feel a lot better for it, I have to remember that as I get older I can't handle two consecutive hard days.

    Lyrics: maybe

    have a great day 

  • Morning,
    Easy lyric, meant to say I knew yesterday's too, despite his political leanings, quite like some of Billy Bragg's stuff.
    DD - have a good race, speaking of which, belated congrats to NZC on your 5k improvement this week..
    Postie - will let you know re Abingdon in the next day or so, nee to check dates with family plans etc etc
    Sports news - double didn't come in, but the profit on the aussies covered my costs. Yet what price on a resounding England win
    Run wise - 7 miles , middle 5 at tempo later today

    Have a good news

  • morning all.

    Did know yesterday's lyrics and suspect I might know today's.

    I'm feeling very few effects now from sunday.  Slightly stiff legs perhaps but other than that I seem OK and even qujite full of beans.  But perhaps that's an effect of 2 weeks off work rather than the maraton image

    Good luck tonight DD.  

    I decided that this week would be about running how I feel, just going out there and letting my legs decide what to do.  This morning they wanted to go fast (by my standards that is) and so I let them.  Hard work but it felt good.  Add to that the fact that I love running at this time of year - lovely and cool in the mornings but still light enough and I get to see the sun rise over misty fields.  I was steaming gently in the cool as I stretched this morning! So

    What: 4 miles at a fair lick for me
    Why: because
    Last hard: the last hill today
    Last rest: tuesday

    Off out on a work do tonight - a team drink and meal.  Would rather not but need to be seen to be contributing to team cohesion and team spirit what with being a 'senior manager' and all that.   Blurrrgghhhhh. 

    have a good day all. 

  • Morning!

    Awoken at 0430hrs by our young visitor who gets up early anyway but is on Danish time too!

    What:                        rest/socialising.
    Why:                          back/visitors.
    Last hard:                can't remember.
    Last rest:                 2/9

    40 - I shall try to articulate better in future image

    DD - good luck!

    Lyrics - yes (thank you Pammie).

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Oh god I know these lyrics !!!!!!!

    What: Just over 30 miles on the bike D&D
    swimming at lunchtime
    2-4 miles running PM
    Circuits PM
    Weight training.
    Why: 100% PMA and getting on with it.
    Last hard: this morning on the bike
    Last rest: 13th June, I guess this is a streak.

    I can confirm that the early mornings are getting colder and that it was still dark at 6am. 5.40 this morning I was overtaken by a muppet in an Astra Convertable with the roof down FFS it was DARK and COLD !!!!
  • morning all,

    rest day here. yes, gobi, I can confirm that the evenings are getting cooler too. 

    I find the advert flickering at the top of the page (my mind runs one way, my body another) bewildering: do other people also have problems with their legs going in the wrong direction?

    Optimistic about tomorrow. Next stressy day shouldn't be until Monday.

    Enjoy the weather out there.

  • Pammie* - nice lyrics, i know em image for 3rd time this week lol

    Wrinkly Lurker - i hope you prove everyone wrong, you want to run a book on how long it would take them to do Eden, cheeky so and so's image

    DD - hope you nail the 5k in your class

    LMH - enjoy your socialising, i have friends visiting at the weekend for a celebration of my sons 1st birthday on Monday,I can't wait.

    Dustin, Glad you covered cost with Aussie win, England cricket team never fail, i used to place non partisan bets too image - i guess England win and Aussie win had no value, 5-1 great result though

    Stickles , maybe also Tinebeest - enjoy your rest day.

    Mava - i hope your team building night out goes as quick as possible. nothing worse than being somewhere you don't want to be.

    as for me;

    What - gonna do some kind of speed session en-route to leisure centre - approx 5.5 mile - then go for a swim and try and match my 1.5km from Monday.

    Why - Schedule

    Last Hard - 06/09 - soon to be today's date.

    Lyrics - i do indeed know image
  • GOBI:
    What lights are you using on your bike, I'm think of doing some road cycling this winter and need some advice on lights. Cheers.

  • A'noon peeps.

    What:4M Steady.

    Why: Lovely morning for it, so be a pity to waste it

    Gobi: I was passed by a police car on my run this morning and it scared the life out of me ! Agree it does looksl like you're on a  training streak again, old habits and all that !!

  • Afternoon all,

    • What:  10mi with 5x1600m in 5:10 off 400m in 1:49 recoveries, clocking 59 mins for the 10m
    • Why:  Final sharpener for Berlin
    • Last Hard:  Today
    • Last Rest:  22/08

    Anyone know if Berlin has mile and/or km markers?

    Have a good one!

  • Betting.  I can't bring myself to bet against England ... Mrs SGQ would probably divorce me if I bet against the cricket team, anyway, despite it being a way to make money.  I managed to lose both bets on the football last night.  Mind you, I don't suppose anyone bet on 5-1 (I had a couple of quid on 2-1).  And it was the first time I've almost wanted Frank Lampard to miss a penalty, as it wasn't him I bet on to score first!

    Lyrics. Yes.

    Running (finally):

    What: 6M with middle 4M at tempo pace
    Why: just over 2 weeks to Macclesfield Half Marathon
    Last hard: today
    Last rest: yesterday

    I like DDs time-shifting definition of "last hard" - have you been watching Timecrimes (probably the most logically consistent time travel film, but still makes your head ache)?

  • Lyrics   yes 

    Mava - enjoy the night

    DD - Best of luck in 5K (although youve probably run it by now!!

    AF - Savage stuff  - I'd be fairly sure Berlin will be Km only markers. European Super State!!!.

    Me - 6 miles D&D, maybe similar later - I'm feelin a bit tired but I'll probably give it a lash as rest day tomorrow - I'll see how i feel - (ended up doin 16 last night)

    Talk Later 

  • AF, Km, and very small and low, so where I was in the crowded field I missed loads of them
  • Stu - little LCD cateye on the rear

    Mini SMART light on the front.

    If I am going off to real dark roads then I use an EXPOSURE Enduro light which is technically not legal but VERY bright. Battery lasts 2 hours so long enough for daytime to start.
  • Iftar 5K

    35th out of 199, 3rd MV50 out of 23

    1K 3-55        Down hill
    2K 4-06        undulating
    3K 4-25        Up hill
    4K 4-24        Mostly up hill
    5K 4-02        Down hill

    For a total of 20-52 in 38C ! just 0ver 200 feet of climbing. Still my second fastest ever 5K. sub 20 has to be possible on a cool day on a flat course.

  • Afternoon everyone,

    Pammie: What on earth were you doing up at 03:35?

    Hope your 5k went well DD.

    Gobi: LOL on the Astra, nutters...

    AF: Wicked sharpener dude....

    Another glorious day in the NW. Following the Mava training schedule myself and going as the mood takes me. Today, along the canal towards Liverpool, 9 miles averaging 8mph.

    Off up Rivington tomorrow to check out the 1/2M course.

    Enjoy your evenings....

  • Tectona - hope the speedwork went well.

    AF - mate - you're flying! K markers are great - they come so much faster!

    Dubai Dave - congrats on a great race - nice time in that heat! Did you get anything for 3rd V50?

    What - same as last Thursday night - night orienteering - 1 hour - get as many controls as you can. As I'm half blind and cannot orienteer to save myself even in the daylight, have been tracking my son! A great workout - bit like fartlek really, with someone else calling the shots. Lots of fun, but not when the battery of your torch runs out and you are trying to hang on to your son when he is running hard downhill which happened last week!

    Good running everyone.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    DD very well done

    What - 13m at MP +30-45 secs
    Why - nearing the end of mara trg
    Last hard - Todayish
    Last Rest - Tues

    Take care

  • Evening all

    DD - well done on the 3rd, great time there, but DD in 38C!!!! Flippen hec! I'd die! I ran once in Rhodes last year, a litlte cloud came over around about 4pm, so I left the pool, dashed upstairs to our hotel room and threw on my running gear. By the time I got out the little cloud had all gone away and MR Sunshine was back - BIG time. I got so hot I thought my head was going to boil right off from my neck. Mr Scoobs had to put me in a cold bath!! Dear oh dear! So to run a 5K in that heat and in that time!!.. to me is - um - apart from mad? VERY GOOD!

    AF - I'm with NZC KM markers are great. It feels like one is going so much faster than one actually is! Well that was my one experience of them!

    NZC - eeek - running in the dark off road. Wibbles! Well done, it does sound like great fun!

    Isn't the weather fab? Loving it!

    Yesterday I cycled 31 miles. Mr Scoobs wanted a pootle so we went out to Burrator reservoir. He headed home after a lap. It was so lovely I did another and then headed on up to a place called Sheepstor. It has the most fantastic views up there. So i stopped and took them in and enjoyed the silence. I did up the pace after leaving Mr Scoobs and was very pleased to discover I averaged 19.2 miles per hour for the rest of my ride. image)

    this evening I did a recovery easy ride of just over 19 miles. Av speed 13.5mph, I chatted for England!!

    Rest now until Southern Sportive on Sunday when I shall see what I can do on a bike over 100 miles. image
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