Poss Sartorius pain - racing Sunday!

I am running the Great Capital Run on Sunday.  I did a 30min run on Wednesday evening.  Yesterday I went for a circuit session.  Hopped on the treadmill to warm up at a jog, & within two minutes had pain on the inside of my left knee (about 2 o'clock position, looking down at my knee, just below the knee cap.  Within about 15 mins into the session I could hardly put weight on my leg, & was aware that I was trying to avoid bending it when getting into & out of positions for the exercises.  The pain feels like a shin splint, but too high up, & it hurts all the time - just worse if I'm active.  The PT at the gym reckons it's most likely the bottom of my sartorius.  I ended up packing in the circuits session early, & went home practically hopping & iced/elevated etc.  this morning it is a bit sore but nowhere near as bad as last night.  Hurts if I bend my knee, so I'm still tending to hobble a bit. 

I have two rest days prior to the GCR, which I really want to do as I am raising sponsorship for a very important cause (hospice).  I have also had to miss a previous Great Run event due to ill health & it's bloomin' expensive to enter these things & then not to run 'em.

At the moment I'm inclined to strap my knee, take painkillers, & do it anyway given we're talking 5k here, not an ultra..  Although even as I write this I know that I would be horrified if my running buddies said they were doing the same thing...!  image

On the other hand, I get on very well with my neighbours, who are doctors, so I may toddle round to see them tonight & ask them whether I'll do myself a lot more damage if I run.  If not, I'll see how well I can ignore the pain.  If so, then it looks like I'll be walking at the back.  Though that feels a bit of a cheat ref. the sponsorship...  image

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