at last somebody's done something to stop me going limp

been to school of podiatry - got "interosseous compression syndrome" they think

had ultrasound + orthotics :)

if that doesnt work next step ? bone scan :(

treated by one of my patients

podiatrists are cool!


  • Al !!! :-0)

    glad it helped - how soon before you can start to run again?
  • Good stuff

    Its alway good to get an answer to a problem
  • er several weeks still - if all goes well!

    new bike should be ready in a couple of days - I really gotta cross train now
  • ooh Al - has WW convinced you to start biking?
  • Well done Al, glad to hear you should be running again soon.
  • I don't we discussed bikes

    When I came out of last weeks downer I took my bike in to be repaired and the mans going to swap it for a new one - a boinger!
  • but yes his talk of training, and meeting the other athletes has reminded me I really ought to start doing something again and not use dodgy foot as excuse
  • im seriously considering looking at some events to enter and fastwalk after enjoying the weekends craic

    may also look at beginners tri near me again!!
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