13 miler this morning

got a day off work today, so went for a nice easy run to 13 miles

pushed myself perhaps a bit too hard and got a new PB of 1:33:28

this was about 3 hours ago - i've since eaten and stretched and hydrated, but i feel absolutely awful now

i'm so tired, have cold shivers, stomach cramps & diahorrea, i'm dizzy and nauseous, lethargic and achy (all over)

does anyone know why i feel like this? have i not had enough fluids/salts or something? i've never felt this bad before and I usually train to 30km on a good day


  • Maybe you just overdid it?, either that or you are coming down with something?
  • The only time I have ever felt anything like that was due to 1) running straight after a dyas work and not having eaten enough 2) not having hydrated enough 3) allowing myself to cool down too much after finishing the run.

    Didnt put extra layers on as soon as I'd finished, (like I normally do), and stood around in my running gear long enough to get chilled... within another half hour I was shaking, shivering and felt awful.

    A steaming hot bath for an hour or so did the trick...

     Its that or you've got Swine Flu mate!

  • No it isn't, D2D, it's not normal at all.

  • I feel like that when I over do it.  Sounds like you pushed quite hard.
  • theres a difference to not feeling 100% and feeling like shit.

    could be your going down with something but it could be that you over did it............most people leave PB's for races when they make sure they are rested and fuelled up properley.........not just when they are planning on an easy run.

    I agree have a good bath and rest and see how you feel in the morningimage

  • "cold shivers, stomach cramps & diahorrea, i'm dizzy and nauseous, lethargic and achy (all over)"

    is not the norm after a long run, or even a hard race.

  • Actually - I can feel fantastic after 13 miles and I am not lying.

    As most of the others have said I reckon you either caned it or are coming down with something.

    I can get very cold after i have really pushed it, usually with distance - like the long runs in marathon training.

    Do the same run next week and see what happens- ha ha. Sorry only having a laughimage

  • I get very cold after running and sometimes get a belly ache after a long run. 

    Sounds like it was not a planned long hard run as you said you had the day off so decided to go for an easy run.

    Do what Seren said and see how you are tomorrow.

  • sounds like you over did it or are coming down with a bug.  i'd rest tomorrow and see how you feel after that.
  • I felt like that after my race last week......... to be honest i still don't know if the stomach cramps and pain caused the race to be harder or the race was so hard it caused the pain.............

    took a bath and ate and I was feeling so rough I was in bed by 7:00pm.......had to cancel going out................but felt fine in the morning apart from some stomach cramps

  • If you are getting that cold D2D I'd recommend you put another layer on whilst running.

    You should be at a reasonably comfortable temperature whilst actually on the move - slightly too warm if anything!

    Have a clean, dry set of clothes to change into immediately you stop running, (heavy jogging pants, T-shirt  plus swearshirt at least).

    I dive in the shower and layer up big time after a run. Within half an hour or so I'm usually too hot in all those layers and begin to drop the odd fleece until back to normal! Still - your core temp will plummet after excercise so if you dont layer up you end up susceptible to all kinds of virus etc.

  • Be kind to yourself, sounds as though you pushed it a bit too much, if the weather with you was like here, it was hot and sunny, that might have had something to do with it.

    I can't take cold drinks, prefer ambient/hot drinks and as the others have said, warm bath/relaxed evening/early bed. 

    Obviously you've sorted out food, but for quick fix, you could try flat coke (full sugar version) and salted crisps or electrolyte solutions (Diaralyte).

    Like the others, I can feel great after a long run - did my longest to date last Sunday and finished feeling as though I could still go on for another mile or two.  Went out at 6am, did the run, came back and spent day organising 12th birthday party for No 2 Child and running around after assorted members of my family from under 5's to over 80's.

    And still felt fine.

  • theBorne wrote (see)

    i'm so tired, have cold shivers, stomach cramps & diahorrea, i'm dizzy and nauseous, lethargic and achy (all over)

    does anyone know why i feel like this? have i not had enough fluids/salts or something? i've never felt this bad before and I usually train to 30km on a good day

    no idea, but cramps and shits are not good...but can be as a result of a hard session.

    The cold thing has symptoms of mild hypothermia (which isnt nice - I have almost passed out after a cold bike ride...room spinning - had to lie on the floor)....so get warm. A few cups of tea and a blanket!

    Have a good kip and see how you feel tomorrow. There may not be anything 'wrong'...per se, but if you feel rubbish tomorrow go see a doc?

    I assume you are in the UK? Just the train to 30km thing sounds a little 'foreign'.

    ...and I have felt great after runs much longer than 13, but the key thing is that its all relative.

    Edit.....actually, ive just realised that some of the symptoms could also be due to OVERHEATING. I felt quite similar after helping a student out with a project. I had to run 10k in a temp chamber (30c 80% humidity)....had a temperature sensor pill in my intestines. Anyhoo....felt fine until 7k, then everything went horribly wrong, and felt terrible. Turned out my core temp went upto almost 41c.......40.7 or something. For the rest of the evening I felt totally destroyed.

  • I shouldn't worry about it too much unless it continues to affect you.  Everyone has days where they feel crap for no discernible reason and then you'll go out and run even further the next week and feel great.

    Running - it's a funny old game

  • thanks for the advice everyone - it's appreciated

    had a bit of a rest, some more fluids and a few visits to the loo (ahem) and feel much better now, although not 100% - will see how i am tomorrow

    i am in the UK, yeah - and do regularly train upwards of 18 miles on a long run session (once a week) - i don't think i'm alone, am i?

    i usually feel absolutely fine afterwards - save for the usual sore bits & mechanical aches, with some slight (but nice) tiredness

    think i just perhaps pushed myself a bit too hard

  • theBorne wrote (see)
    ...went for a nice easy run to 13 miles

    pushed myself perhaps a bit too hard and got a new PB of 1:33:28

    I've italicised the contradiction.

    Pushing hard, and getting a new PB is not a "nice easy run".

    PBs are for races.  If you race all the time when you're training you'll break down.  Take it easy, build slowly - we're only human! image

  • Thinking about it, those are the symptoms I got when I had heat stroke.........
  • Dan, is that you??


  • You know it, wrong account.....again image
  • Sounds like you pushed yourself a bit too hard. I agree, it's not normal to come back from an LSR and feel like crap - as long as it was an L S R! When I push myself on long runs, I feel really odd, ischemic tummy which makes me feel very very sick, dizziness, tiredness yet not able to sleep and the shivers.

    Hope you feel better soon, theBorne image

  • Maybe he means a PB for the route ............a Know a lot of people keep their best times for particular raining routes or maybe haven't raced often...........................then sometimes when you go out to do an easy run, the day and weather just take over and you find yourself running a lot faster than normal..........not possible for a disciplined good runner,but very possible for a run as I feel runner like meimage  ..................and then i probably would fel like shit afterwards

  • No, D2D -  I think you're misunderstanding me, I was saying I feel like crap after LSRs when I've pushed my speed as well as my distance. Which essentially isn't an LSR!! So long as I keep my speed down when i'm increasing the distance, I'm fine.

    ZZ - I agree with seren. I can understand why you posted what you did, but maybe you run for different reasons to the OP, and with different goals. 

  • Zanzinger - thanks for your input, it's appreciated - really

    unfortunately i ain't taking the piss at all - i head off on an easy run, notice my time for the 10 miles was lower than i expected, hence i decide "heck - why not try and beat 1:35:07 over the 13 miles?" - my previous 13 mile PB - to give myself an indication of what i could hopefully expect when i do the GNR next sunday

    i would love to beat 1:30 for a half - that's my next goal - i just wanted an idea of whether i could realistically do it, at this stage in my fitness

  • Be careful, theBorne.  You may be fine, in which case I'll be happy to take it all back, but you may be setting yourself up for a disappointment.

    If you run long & hard in training then you might find you've got nothing left for race day.  You've got to know when to push, and when to take it easy, otherwise you could end up overtrained and going backwards.

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