Has anyone else has problems with the Nimbus wearing out quickly?

I've had these shoes for 2 weeks and looked at the soles after I got back from running tonight and they're down to the white tread already! (i.e. the black tread on the outside is virtually gone - it's almost like I've taken a piece of sandpaper and worn down the outside edge) - surely this isn't right? I was planning on wearing these to Abingdon but if they continue this way, that's going to be near impossible.

Haven't even done that many miles in them - roughly 100.

I really hope no one sees this as an attention-seeking thread as it's genuinely not!



  • I'm not familiar with Nimbus, but it sounds very odd.

    What do you run on?  A sand belt?
  • I run in the Cumulus by asics and I get 500 miles out of mine and I'm a lot heavier than you.

    I imagine its a biomechanical problem, rather than a fault with the trainers. I know you've been for an assessment but it sounds like something that needs looking at a bit more in depth than just a video on the treddy

  • If you post a piccie of the bottom of the shoes then it can tell a lot about the running and maybe can help.............

    otherwise I'd recommend taking them back to the shop where you bought them and asking their expert opinion.

  • FFS this is getting ridiculous.

    You know damn well you're going to get attention by posting, so don't pretend you're not seeking it.

    If you're serious about getting an answer to your question then stop posting on here and get onto the shop or better, the manufacturer.

    Then get a professional to tell you what the f*ck you are doing when you're running, as you've obviously got a problem.

  • Send them back to the manufacturer and let them know about the burning rubber smell  issue you had with them last week.

    You may get a new pair out of Asics if you complain directly.

  • If you've got an issue with your gait, its likely that you're putting more wear and tear on certain parts of your shoe than others.

    For example, if your weight isn't distributed correctly it could lead to more wear on your shoes. Think about stillettoes versus a wider heel. A stilletto has only a small area to distribute all of your weight so wears out quicker than a shoe with a wider heel. Does that make sense?

  • I did add something helpful.  I said get off here and go and do what any sensible person would do!

  • Is the wear pattern consistent with your other shoes?  If the wear is just along the edge of the shoe are you aware of landing on your foot at that point?  Is the wear the same on both shoes? 
  • But of course you don't have ears for anything helpful.  However hard people try to help you just carry on with the same old tripe...
  • It gets rather boring, so why don't you get off?
  • Lou-Lou says she thinks it's a biomechanical problem (same observation as mine that you obviously have a problem with the way you run) and you say "how would that cause the problem?"

    You're just being willfullly dense.

  • will have to wait till morning to see the otther side............

    D2D...those shoes are so clean...they look like must run in a blinking clean part of the country..mine turn greyish pretty quiickly

  • That is well weird. You must be landing right on that edge. Def get back to the shop and ask them to watch you run.

    Have you looked at your other shoes - do they wear out at that place first also.

    My nimbus are practically indestructible and i have been running in them for a few years.

    Alternatively you may have got a dodgy pair - it does happen!
  • 40-50 miles a week. But i have 2 pairs and rotate. To be honest mine have worn at toes and heel but nowhere else and i usually throw them out because the fabric on the top wears before the sole (and i actually go by feel as much as anything else) i.e. if i feel a jarring when i go round a corner - i then count up my miles and it's usually between 500 and 700 and time to get new ones.
  • i didn;t mean i had been running in the SAME pair for years image
  • "I've worn down the tread on my trainers - HELP!"

    What help is it you want exactly? For us to replace the rubber?

  • Zanzinger wrote (see)

    Is the wear on both shoes?

    Is the wear just on the leg you got a stress fracture?

    You are landing on the outside of your mid foot, this doesn't actually mean you are definitely supinating. Supinating is rolling to the outside.

    The wear isn't normal, and maybe the Nimbus softer sole as highlighted your problem even more. It's all a case of whether you are running without pain or not. This just may be the way you run, or it may be a case of you need to change how your foot plants.

    What have you done with the reall ZZ??  Bring him back!!
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