any other trails in scotland/near Glasgow

Does anyone know if there are any other trail runs in or near Glasgow or even in Scotland? I have done the Turbo X this year and last.... but Im looking for another event as well as once a year just isnt enough for me!! Any ideas people?


  • There are a few in Calderglen - only a 5k and 10k - that't the only one i've done - i think is' may time ish. However i am sure there are tons of others. Have you checked the SAL website?
  • Thanks GymAddict! Where can I find details on these? Distance isn't really a problem - I just like getting off the road - and preferably dirty!! Haha!!
  • Those ones are run by calderglen harriers so just google them and it'll be on their website. Just checked and it's june. - pick cross country in the fixtures list and you will get some more although i think the season is pretty much over. I don't really do trail or cross country myself but i know there are loads as some of my club mates do them throughout the year.
  • Thanks again GymAddict! I managed to find them through google! Ive also looked into Grim and Hellrunner who still have races coming up this year and places available! Cheers again!
  • Not a race,  unless you want to do an 55 mile ultra or the full West Highland way race! But the 7 mile section between Inversnaid and Inveranan is an awesome bit of trail!  Its up and down and really rocky down at the loch front and also lots of puddles (after rain obviously lol).  Also Pollock Park in Glasgow has some good trails just need to look out for them off the main paths.
  • cheers sturun!!! I get easily bored and like to mix things up a bit!! Great suggestions thanks!!! I'm not a race winner, just like to get involved and beat my own PB's and try different events and types of races. Got a few things lined up now, thanks!!
  • I know what you mean Tri chick. Totally agree and  have fun image
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