mp3 / headphones are they banned?

Hi all,

I don't want this to become another slanging match about music in races (I'll admit to being pro music).

The status Quo is that they are now banned, however i can find no evidence to back this up? I've read the relevant sections of the current UKA rules book and don't see any mention of it the only thing i can find is a proposal.

Rules Revision 2008 Consultation on Proposals A number of changes [b]...[/b] Unnumbered New Rule – Audio Equipment in Road Races: a proposal has been received fromthe UKA Road Running Management Group to the effect that audio equipment using earphones must not be used in road races and that any use of such equipment may result in disqualification.

 this isn't a rule its a proposal and a bit contradictory word wise "must not be used" (banned) then says, "may result in disqualification",  to me "may" means that the its up to the officials to decide.

Can anyone clarify this? are they banned or not? and where does it say this?


  • Having had a quick scan on internet, seems that most races have now banned them. whilst I cannot cite the exact ruling, ask yourself this: Is it worth the risk of disqualification to chance it?

  • it is still debateable and so you will find that its up to the race will say in there if you want to do a race with them then read the info or ask the director and then you will know whether to enter or not.....

     simple .. if they are allowed then its your choice......if the event says no then respect it as more and more directors are disqualifying or even stopping the comnpetiors from finishing which they can do easily if the finish is in a stadium or private ground etc

     same as all things only enter the race where you are happy that you will stick to the rules

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Enter a road race and read the rules.

    Most of them say no to the wearing of ipods etc.

    The rules aren't there for your own interpretation. They are what they are. Comply.

    For all the people who have no respect or compliance with any rule or law they don't understand and therefore just ignore them. I read about this attitude from some guy in an interview in an angling magazine. It seemed not unreasonable at the time.

    Years later he was jailed as a paedophile.


  • There is no UKA rule on it at the moment, but race organisers can ban them if they want to.

    If you don't want to run without your mp3, find a race that allows them.  Many still do.  Many will say they ADVISE people not to use earphones, without banning them outright.

    Some races will disqualify people who use them.  Pick your race.

  • All the road races I have organised we ask people not wear them. We asked UKA for clarity and said its up to race organisers at the moment but we are working on a ruling. That response was in 2009 I believe 

  • Headphones are OK, but Status Quo surely must be banned,




    I'll get my coat.

  • WHAT? Status Quo are the greatest band EVER....EVER

  • You beat me to it Dan.image

    Freedom to the mp3er's,

    that's what i say.

    Unless the rules say otherwise in which case

    hang  em all.

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