Sunday 13th September


You lot all lying in today?

What: 8 miles including 5 miles at tempo pace (34 mins) d & d
Why: tempo day
Last Hard: Towards the end today
Last Rest: friday

Gobi: good to see you happy!


  • Morning Dubia Dave,

    was on 5mins ago was going to start it n i don't no y i didnt, wrote a race report last night but it didnt post because it said it was too long and i couldnt b arsed writing it out again!

    So here it goes:

    1 - 3k: Started at what seemed quite a fast pace but that was because it was so hilly, course was lyk a Q and the start was theline on the Q then u turned right did a loop and came the opposite way back along line of Q. first 2 k in abt 8:10 so a much clower pace than usual but i had been told there were alot of hills up to 5k!

    4 - 5k - Weres times coming up to 5k wen felt lyke u could give up, sun beaming down the whole tym and lots of hills, came to 5k in 21:40, usually on a decent course do 5k in 19:10ish (10k), moving through well tho!

    5 - 7k - a nice 300ish metre descent just after 5k was great, with all the hills in the first 5k there were descents but veri short ones, had my eyes on 2 guys hu i caught around 7k, had upped the pace just abit but with so many hills in first 5k it was hard work!

    7 - 9k - took 2 guys with me, really injected sum pace because 1 of them seemed to b dying, we dropped him around 7.5k and just had an old man 4 company. Pushed the pace more and dropped him b4 9k.

    9 - 10k - the stem of the Q again leaving 2 hills, one with descent afterwards and another long one about 300m from finish, hard up those hills 4 a 42:24

    worst ever tym for me and 4mins of 38sumthings ive ben running all summer, an unexpectledly hilly course!

  • .....continueing on

    Thanks Jason, yh id luv to get a gd time in on a gd course, i defo tink on a decent course a pb is der 4 me bt both the last 2 runs ave been veri hilly, been veri close my pb apart from that all summer (within 20secs) but missed the best course of lot in fermanagh!

     Don't tink i good get up to it tho as i will probs have a footie match!

    Good 5k Gobi!

    What: Mayb an easy run later but have had a sore foot after my runs lately and its left a bit of a limp at tyms so may leave it as i have a cup match on wednesday and either footie training r hills 2mara!

    Why: because

    Last Hrd: We coulda got our medals after 2k yestrday! Oh yh i was around 15th place, n i tink 2nd in my cat.

    Last rest: emm

  • Afternoon.  Very quiet here today!

     Ryan - well done on the tough course and the 2nd in your category!  Maybe with training hard recently it may have slowed you down a little

    AB + Gobi - well done on the season's bests at the 5k!

    Hope all the other racers got on well

    What:  3.4 miles recovery
    Why:  Does exactly what it says on the tin
    Last hardish:  yesterday  (9.1 miles, only got to do 4 miles more next weekimage)
    Last rest:  Wednesday
    Lyrics:  No, but if you replace 'young girls' with 'good men' I know them!

     Right, time to go learn something...

  • everyone racing today or out on a very very long run: its certainly quite.

    What: around 25 mins
    Why: testing out my calf...successfully I hope...didn't hurt and doesn't hurt now...the real test will be tomorrow.
    Last hard: forget!
    Last rest: Dec 24

    Lyrics: nope 

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • afternoon.

    Crikey it's quiet. I guess everyone is out there doing stuff.

    I think that's commiserations for Ryan on the time but hard worked on a difficult course.  Still don't do txt speak - tend to just switch off when I see it.

    What: Circuit of Kent - 80km bike ride
    Why: because it's there and close to home
    Last hard: the last hill
    Last rest: tuesday

    Pleased with that.  In 2007 I did it on a mountain bike and struggled to 4.34.  Last year I had a road bike and managed 4.06.  Today, same bike, I managed 3.49.  And that was with virtually no bike training.  My legs were pretty tired after last week but I guess the marathon training helped with the endurance aspect. 

    Elevation profile of the ride can be seen here

    Unfortunately Scotty had a bit of a mishap, running into the back of the chap he was cycling with.  No broken bones but lots of blood and a dead right arm.    I'm currently trying to persuade him to go up to the local minor injuries unit to get the grazes cleaned properly and get the arm checked out.  But he's a bloke so.....

  • Mava: well done, looks a tough profile, with regard to Scotty you have answered your own question, he's a bloke

    Ryan: Well run, take it easy if your limping.

  • Hi all,

    Ryan, well done for sticking it out on a tough course.  I must say, I'm not really down wiv da kids anymore and only  understand parts of the stuff you wrote, but I got the gist of it image

     Mava, that's a HUGE improvement over last year's time.  Well done.

    What: hill repeats (14 x 200m)
    Why: training plan
    Last hard: reps 13 & 14 would qualify
    Last rest: yesterday
    Lyrics: yep

    Nice  chilled Sunday, everyone.

  • afternoon all

    Ryan - Well done on what appears to be a very difficult course - i could just about follow your report, reading it back slow image - p.s glad those shirts finally turned up for your moment of glory.

    Mava - good improvement over last years effort, well done.

    Jason27 - well done on your run yesterday

    as for me

    What - Rest day today - going to enjoy the start of the NFL on sky sports shortly image

    Why - Schedule

    Last Hard - 06/09

    Lyrics - sure i know them, just can't quite put my finger on it.
  • Good heavens, I know the lyrics, knew them as a kid, unless I've got them wrong of course.

    Ryan - well done. It isn't easy when you know you are down on the time you want, and the course is hilly. Sticking through the frustrating bits is part of the game. The hard part.

    Mava well done! Always nice when improvement is transferable. Hope Scotty mends ok.

    Me? A very long exceptionally slow run. The good news is that it was long - 12.45m by gmap pedometer, first such length for nearly a year. 4.5/1.5 run/walk, except towards the end when i began to get bored of the walk bits, which weren't much slower than the run bits anyway, so why bother. Morover, I wasn't particularly tired at the end of it. The bad bit was the time. Ok, I'm me, and I don't generally give a toss about time, but when 12.45m takes 3:15 - I hardly dare show up at a start line. It's the irritation of the marshals and race director that I dread.

    Having said that, I could have run faster if my legs had let me. It wasn't the catastrophic general strike of Wednesday, it was just Slow. I couldn't figure out how to move more quickly. Eventually around mile 9 I started to be able to shift a bit, and probably the later miles were among the quickest, even began getting ever so slightly out of breath by the end, but unless I am either lucky on the day, or else figure out how to get going when legs don't want to, there's going to be a very red face on the 4th, and it won't be any satisfied red of exertion either.

    Oh well. Still a couple of weeks. Might figure it out by then.

    I can smell my rice cooking - yummmmm!

  • great stuff Stickless.  Don't forget, being in a race can help to persuade recalcitrant legs to behave a bit better.

    I did manage to persuade Scotty to the hospital.  No broken bones, no stitches required. But he still can't use his right arm.  The things he'll do to get out of doing another marathon image.

    Thanks for the well dones.  I'm pleased with it, the more so because I rode on my own the whole way, no-one to share the work with on what was a very very windy day.  

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Good long run there Sticless
    Well done Mave
    Ryan, hard racing, well battled

    What - IBS affecred run so only managed 5.5m
    Why - aborted for reasons above Mind 0 Body 1
    Last hard - yesterday
    Last Rest - Tues

    Taper time now..... well I suppose thats already started a day early.

  • Just a quick jump in.

    Quite Quiet Today

    7 miles easy earlier. Fencing building rest of day. Need a day off Tuesday to finish (and me easing up for a half M next week.

    V easy Lyrics today

    Hope races went ok. I'll read back later

  • Sorry DD, other things to do this morning :¬0

    LOL Jason a since SF best maybe but a long way short of my best run this year.

    I will confess that I am happier and I guess once I start hitting the regular sub17s again I will be properly happy.

    Improving indeed.

    What: bike race
    Why: sticking to cross training
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: a full 3 months ago
    Lyrics: I believe I do
  • Evening all,

    Jason: fortunately there's no long term damage, just a few nasty looking bruises.

    Andy: NICE 5K improvement

    GOBI: glad you're returning to some kind of form

    Ryan: a decent effort on a tough sounding course

    Mava: nice ride

    What: 16.7m am / yorkshire road relays PM (23:00 for the 4 miles)
    Why: blisters was in town / it'd be rude not too

  • Evening all.

    Well raced on what sounds like a tough course.

    Good distance, just what's needed.

    What:  25K
    Why:  Part of our club's 25th anniversary
    Last hard:  4 days
    Last rest:  2 days

    Lovely run along the Tarka Trail, finishing at a great cafe at Fremington Quay with beautiful views over the estuary.  Run itself was rather hard work, largely due to over indulging at our BBQ yesterday...

  • Evening all,

    Gobi:  Great 5k - you're on the way back.

    Ryan: ????

    Mava:  Impressive stuff on the bike a week after a mara.  Ouch! to scotty

    TMR:  The beetroot juice tastes like.... beetroot.  image  They have added  10% apple juice which might make make it more palatable.  Which is probably a good job as I've four bottles of it to get through before next sunday.

    Taper madness moment today.  A family of 4 plonked themselves down next to us in church and proceeded to cough, sneeze, splutter, blow noses, and all things viral.  I tried to push past Mrs AF and retreat as far a humanly possible, but she wouldn't let me out.  Even my wife is conspiring against me...

    • What:  17m
    • Why:  re-assure my troubled psyche I can still run a longish way after clocking a paultry 72 this week. 
    • Last Hard:  Thursday
    • Last Rest:  22/8

    Have a good one!

  • Southern Sportive - a cycling challenge!

    Well this was not my fault, a guy says ''how about going for a gold time'', as a bit of banter! So what is to be done? Yep we go for Gold!

    However, I knew this would be a big ask. To get a gold time you had to do the distance (approx 97 miles) under 5 hours and 40 mins which equates to 17mph average over the distance including the 3 check point fuelling stations 2 with timing chip mats that had to be ridden over.

    So how to approach. Well I listened to my mate who is a very experienced cyclist. He headed out at one hec of a speed with me and my other mate in hot pursuit. Flippen hec! 25 mph on the flat and i was wondering what on earth he was up to! I mean MAJOR blow up later on??? I had a quick chat with my mate and we decided to hang on. I also chatted to the other guy and he said that he knew he could not hold this pace for the whole ride, but we needed to hold it to the first fuel station 35 miles in. It would be better to have time in the bag early on rather than chasing times later. So I trusted him, out the hammer down and went with it. We hit a few climbs and some lanes and our average pace was around 18.5mph. We then carried on and discovered a rather nasty headwind. Matey leader latched on to a group that was simply too fast for me, so me and matey 2 swapped leads and got our heads down. It was grim. But then along comes some London Dynamo club doing a paceline and as they go by the wind just got sucked away. WAYHAY, they invited us along for a tow so I latched onto the last guy and off we went. 20+ mph and zippadee doo dahs! Caught up matey number 1 who also joined in on the fun!

    Did that for around 10 miles or so. Thank you guys, image Then we stopped again at around 50 miles. I was starting to feel it and concerned as there was still a long way to go. Sometimes you just have to have faith and bite the bullit!
  • After this stop matey number 2 pushed on as had got in with a group he felt comfy with. Good luck and see you at the finsih. Matey number 1 and I carried on into the most GOD awful headwind. It really was terrilble. We had hit checkpoint 2 averaging 18.4mph so my head went down as I saw my average speed slowly start to go down. Sob sob! All the time I was keeping an eye out for girls. I only saw one ahead of me and knew she was really really strong.

    Lanes, hills and headwinds made for a real struggle. My legs were screaming at me - stop now! But on we went trying to get them to respond. Eating and fuelling as much as I could. Please don't cramp! Matey number 1 looking strong and just ahead checking to see if i was in sight- I was! But I could not get on his tail. Too strong for me!  Average speed slowly slipping away NO NO NO. 17.9 mph, 17.7 mph, 17.5 mph. For GODS sake when is this headwind going to relent. No-one to latch onto for a tow either, It was so so so grim. Eventually we came out of what had seemed like an endless slog to discover one last climb. My heart sank, I dispaired, my head went down. My legs would not respond. Oh dear, I was suffering now!  None of the climbs were serious I might add. Nothing like we do down here, but then I would not be tanking it at that speed down here with the climbs we have! So nothing for it but to JFDI.

    Now our average was a mere 17.3 and I thought we would lose gold. We came across matey 3, he'd got dropped due to cramp but he told us to go on and he'd see us at the finish., so we pushed onj.
  • We came across a guy out there  on his own battling it away. he was doing good so we tucked in behind for a bit, but after a bit of a rise his pace fell off and I realised he was plain bushed. I was feeling a bit better so I dropped a gear and stepped in. Gave him a tow for quite a few miles. We tanked it for a bit at around 20 - 25 mph. We needed too! Turns out this guy had dropped off from his mate. He got back on and thanked me for the ride. Cheers and no probs it is all swings and roundabouts!

    I must say that my matey number one was fabulous. He kept me working hard thoughout and took no prisoners. This really worked for me as I am proud and will kill myself to keep up! But I have to say credit to him as I literally died at the end and he literally dragged my ass in!

    Time? We came in on 5 hours and 31 mins so 9 mins under gold time - WAYHAY. GOLD!!!!! Average speed? Including stops we did 17.5mph. Excluding so just ride time - 18mph. Not bad for an old bird!!

    Placings? Don;t know yet. Will find out tomorrow. I hope to have done well against the women.

    Feelings - FLIPPEN hec!!! WHAT a day!! Emotional, cry, legs totally dead, stairs a challenge and WOO FLIPPEN HOOO!!!!!
  • Scooby - what can I say - you sound over the moon - congratulations!

    Ryan - sounded like a tough 10k - well done for toughing it out.

    Mava - huge improvement!

    Stickless - it's all time on the feet - good effort.

    Stuart - whee did your team place? How is Blisters?

    What - Just over 13 miles - pretty hot out there - summer is coming.

    Good running everyone.

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