Am I now neutral ??

I normally wear stability shoes as I was told I over pronate when I had my gait assessed on a treadmill (although this was two years ago).

I normally run in Asics Kayano / Adidas Supernova Sequence shoes, for he last few months I have been getting slight pain/discomfort in my left foot, (both Achilles and arch)

However I recently bought a pair of Adidas Kanadia TR 2 and have used them a couple of times, more specifically today at the Para's 10 with no pain at all in my left foot, I believe these are neutral shoes, should I take it that my gait/form has improved in the last two years and I'm now a more efficient runner that should be using neutral trainers?


  • It's definitely possible IMO. I started out in Asics 2110 but switched to Brooks Adrenaline (for moderate pronation) because the Asics weren't correcting enough.  2 years on I had a gait analysis when trying on some lightweight shoes - Brooks ST Racer - which still offer support but I would've thought not as much as the Asics (?), certainly not as much as Adrenaline, but gait analysis showed no pronation at all.

    May not be any harm in getting another gait analysis the next time you need a pair of anything, even if this means paying shop prices for the shoes.

  • It's quite common for runners' gait to change over time. You learn how to run more efficiently, body adapts etc. That's why new runners often get injured (apart from overuse); their bods haven't adapted to efficient movement patterns.

    I used to overpronate but I'm neutral now, and even in non-running trainers I'm neutral, whereas before the inside edge of my shoes would be worn down.
  • Your right foot was in a fair bit of pain though eh?image
  • Que, KI ? image
  • Graham, that was nothing to do the with the trainers, lol.

    Siance - I badly twisted my right ankle when running through a water hazard at the Para's 10 yesterday, ankle was very badly swollen when we finished! Thanks for the reply, I will get my gait re-assesed, hopefully I can ditch the clumsy Kayano's for good.

  • I think the best way to see if you still over pronate is to look at the wear pattern on your shoes, If you are a neutral runner you will wear the outside of the heel and under the pad of your big toe, but an over pronator will wear the outside of the heal and because the foot rolls inward the forefoot wear will be under and towards the inside the ball of the toe. i over pronate midly with my left foot and am neutral with my right and can see the difference between both shoes.

    I hope thats understandable.


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