Wheezy breathing

I wondered if this sounds familiar to anyone? I've never had asthma or any breathing problems (except the usual being out of breath if I'm running hard), or any allergies, but since FLM - my first marathon - I've experienced tightness in my throat and chest after running more than 4-5 miles (not during the run though), or if I've run harder than usual. After the Leeds HM yesterday it was particularly bad and still hasn't really returned to normal.

Anyone experienced this sort of thing and what did you do about it? I'm thinking of going to see the doctor later in the week but if this is a normal result of increased mileage or a usual after-effect of a first marathon then I'll see if it goes away on its own!


  • I've noticed this too, but have no idea what it is. It usually disappears after a week or two though.

    A friend had something similar, but much worse and was told to take a NSAID such as Nurofen - which worked. I'll ask her about it.
  • Have you had it long Susie? Thanks for asking your friend about it!

  • Kezza,
    It might be (for me) a winter thing. I had something last year but thought it was just cold symptoms. I had the same thing this year during marathon training, but it disappeared when I tapered, and its been OK since.

    The tight feeling was most noticable when I breathed in really deeply, but OK during the run. Maybe its just tired chest muscles/diaphragm? Perhaps one of those power breathe devices might help?

    N - if you're reading this - care to comment?
  • Hi Susie, this sounds similar to the way I'm feeling - most noticeable when I breathe in deeply but OK when running. Also it feels like I need to breathe deeply to get enough air in! My husband thought it might be tired chest muscles as well - I've been doing a lot of upper body strength work recently in order to pass a fitness test for a parachuting course.

    Thanks for the comments - I'm less worried about it now anyway, will try a power breather and see what happens!
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