BUPA Great Capital Run 2009

I've enjoyed myself enormously today, running the Great Capital Run in Regent's Park.   I loved the 'international competition' idea.  I very much doubt that a 'runner' of my 'speed'  will manage to run for my country via any of the more normal routes & I apologise for pulling down England's average speed despite running a PB!  image  The warm-up & cool downs were good & fun & I liked the medal.  Yes, I am a medal enthusiast, & the 'Great Run' medals are always good 'uns.   There seemed to be quite a few runners at the GCR who are doing the Great North, so good luck any who read this!  (Personally, I love watching the GNR on TV, but the whole '50,000 runners' thing is just too much for me to handle!)


  • I agree - I thought it was a really nice race - and managed to be both large enough and low key enough to make it really fun.
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