Bruised toes/toenails

Read recently that I should buy running shoes half a size bigger than normal. I get bad bruising after half-marathons - will a bigger shoe sort this simply do you reckon?


  • not necessarily. the larger size will help with foot expansion which happens the further you run and theoretically will reduce nail bruising but you can still get bruised toes if

    a) you don't keep the nails short
    b) run downhill a lot as the toes will bang against the front of the toe box
    c) run in wet shoes allowing the foot to slide forward so you suffer as per b)
  • Thanks FB but I think I can rule most of those out although the last mile was mostly downhill. Was going to mail order my next shoes but might have to go into the shop and try the half size bigger.
  • I run in a 9, but my normal shoes are an 8.  I used to run in an 8, and have lost toenails in a marathon.  Since I started using a larger shoe the problem has not repeated.  I was told that your feet will expand in any long run, and you need the extra size to allow your feet to grow without restriction.  It may be your feet expanding during the run that is causing the problems.
  • My runners are Brooks and they're half a size bigger than my usual shoes.

    I did the FLM in April and if I go out in open-toes shoes, I still have to cover my nails with red polish (or some colour that isn't clear) to hide my brown toe, although it's two thirds grown out now. Phew...

  • sorry to raise an old thread but....

    ive had the same running shoes for a while ... Mizuno wave insire 5's .

    been really happy with them .... until my last long run .... flat 18 miler... got blister and bruising at the tip of the 2nd toe.

    my guess is that with the few months of longer distance running my foot has grown - not too good as i have an event coming up in just a few weeks !
  • I have 4 black toenails and 13 days to go till the VLM, my shoes are half a size bigger than my feet were when I started training but I think my feet have spread from all the training. Is it too late to get new shoes fitted and should I bandage my toes for the big race? Also should I hold off from training now - I'm staying in wales for a week so hills/mountains are unavoidable.
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