Has anyone received their Cancer Research Golden Bond places yet?

I applied yet again for a golden bond place with Cancer research for the VLM and the website says that if you were successful or not you'd hear by 18th Sept. Has anyone had confirmation or rejection of a place yet? I think I may give up if I don't get in with them this time round. Such a shame as it's a charity very close to my heart. Also keeping my fingers crossed for a ballot place (maybe 4 th time lucky, who knows!!)


  • Not that I know much about Caner Research and how the allocate but since the ballot is not out till start of Oct it is highly unlikely they will do anything till mid oct. I can't figure how they can allocate in mid sept because the ballot results are not out.
  • I think that they allocate Golden bond places before the ballot is out and those that are successful in the ballot then give their golden bond place up to those that are on a waiting list (which is a bit silly seeing as some people on their waiting list are only told they have a bond place as late as Feb!!!) I'm hoping I'm not one of those as you have to pledge to raise a minimum amount of £2000, which won't be easy to do with only 2 months notice and 2 months intense training.
  • Well I had my letter in the post to let me know I was unsuccessful in receiving a golden bond place for VLM 2010. I am on the waiting list though, but from previous experience so are hundreds of other people. Never mind. Fingers crossed for the ballot results!!!
  • It's been a while since I was involved in the Golden Bond scheme so forgive me if this doesn't answer your problem, but could you look at other cancer charities as an alternative/back-up, e.g. Macmillan?

    Incidentally I was lucky enough to get in via the ballot first time (2007) and ended up raising money for Cancer Research anyway, which is just as well because they rejected my original GB application, even though I pledged to raise £3,000.  As it was I raised well over £3,000 - if it's a charity which means something to you and people see what you're doing to raise funds (i.e. running a bloody marathon) you might be surprised how much you can raise.  image

  • I too pledged to raise £5000 for Cancer Research and still might if I get in throught the ballot. I have always run for their charity as it's one that's very close to me. I think that it would be hard to raise as much running for smaller charities that many people haven't heard of as they wouldn't be so generous in their sponsorship (my thoughts anyway). I'm just going to keep trying until my guaranteed entry comes about in 2012 (as long as Virgin haven't lost Flora's old system!!).

  • I applied for a gold bond place in May and sent a cheque for £100 as requested. This was for Breast Cancer campaign and I have not heard. Should I presume I did not get a place by now and what happens to my cheque?
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