Shin pain + right leg feels weak

I haven't been able to run for over a year now. I was diagnosed shin splints caused by overpronation and was treated with sports massage to break down scar tissue and orthotics to rectify the problem. With orthotics I can now walk/run in a neutral style. However, upon walking or running I feel low level pain in my right tibialis anterior muscle almost immediately. The whole leg feels weak. It sounds like Anterior Compartment Syndrome. However, sometimes, I feel the pain in my calf and sometimes I feel the pain at rest which seems to contradict this. My physio seems to have run out of ideas (as I have cash). Not sure if it's related but I also suffer some lower back pain on the left hand side. Anyone got any ideas as to what's happening?


  • I've got prolapsed discs in my lumbar spine which may be contributing to a similar leg pain - and the general forum diagnosis for me was compartment syndrome.

    Followed by advice of - go see your GP and if s/he can't help, get referred to a sports medicine specialist.

    I know that NHS referral takes ages but you have waited a year, sooo...

    Good luck with it
  • James
    I had chronic compartment syndrome that was operated on last year. As with you I had pain on running and walking but also spells of (severe) pain when at rest which confounded the normal definition of a compartment syndrome.

    At the end of the day the way they confirmed it was compartment syndrome was with a pressure test at the hospital (not pleasant - involves needles!!) As the problem had become chronic, I was advised that a fascioctomy was the only solution.

    However a caveat to the tale was that they also belatedly found a tibial stress fracture some 18 months after I complained of pain in the same area. My consultant said it was highly likely that I had had the stress fracure for the duration, and that it was never given the time to heal properly (Four to Six weeks on crutches).

    SO my advice is get someone to do the necessary tests to confirm/rule out compartment syndrome/stress fracture and then go from there.
    Good Luck!!
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