End of year 1/2M?

I'm doing the Windsor 1/2M on 29 Sep, and the 2003 FLM - would like to do another 1/2M in Dec/Jan to keep my training on track, does anyone know of a good one around London/SE England at that time? Thanks!


  • Hi Kerensa

    Bedford might be too far out of your way but Bedford Harriers usually have a half marathon in December (last year was the 9th) at Great Barford. www.bedfordharriers.co.uk. I've not done it before but am considering doing it this year as the Harrow Half in November has been cancelled/is no more.

    BTW - Bedford Harriers also do a good 15 miler in March called the Oakley 15 which I did as a pre-London this year. It's classed as undulating but I think that does a disservice to the more up and down parts of the course - good race though!!

    There's also the Watford Half which is usually late Jan early Feb - www.watfordathletics.co.uk - this is meant to be a hard one. (Considering this too...if I feel brave enough at the time!!)

    Good luck with the racing and the training for FLM 2003.

    Happy H

  • There is also the Mencap Stevenage Half Marathon on the 3rd November 2002 run by Fairlands Valley Spartans.
  • Great Barford is a fantastic run and the Watford half is an excellent event and not as tough as some people make out.
    Stevenage is well organised, but I found it a bit dull in terms of scenery and atmosphere.
  • I did it last year and they had an excellent race commentary, free gait analysis and a prize draw for running shoes open to all runners.
    Same again this year i believe.
    The cycle tracks are a bit dull but at least it's traffic free, no kerbs and downhill to finish!
  • Watford Half is definitely worth a look. Might want to invest in running wellies, mind...
  • Thanks all - may see some of you at one or more of these!

  • wokingham half is mid feb and berkhamstead half is back end of feb
  • Great Barford was a PB smasher for me last year - v rural and absolutely freezing (2 celsius!!!) but well worth a look. Its a lonely old course with about 30 spectators and their dogs on the whole route but me and my mate enjoyed it.
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