BBB's Beautiful Bouncing Baby!

Well at last!

I am very pleased to anounce.....

only 12 days late.......

a beautiful bouncing boy!

9lb 6oz born at 17:10 tonight (needed some help to get going!), all are doing well and the babys head has been well wetted tonight!





  • congrats to you and mrs BBB
    well done - wwe were beginning to wonder if all was ok !!
  • all's fine Buney

    just needed to be absent from here because lots of family stuff to do and a busted broadband fixed!

    I have hicups!...thats what you get when you have not had more than a pint and a half for 4 weeks!
  • the kids a beast!

    well done!

    glad to hear everythig turned out happy.

    any ideas on names yet?
  • Well done, BBB!!!!!!!!!!
    And to mrs BBB
  • Congratulations!!! Bet you're all glad that he's finally here!

    Morning all.
  • Yay - congrats BBB (and of course Mrs BBB!)

    And welcome to the world Mini-Baby Beer Belly Blues (reminds me of cheese for some reason!)

    Morning all :-)
  • Many congratulations to both of you. Glad all is well.
  • Well done BBB and Mrs BBB

    9 lbs ???

    what have you been eating ?
  • (Is this a PB ? )
  • Congratulations to you and Mrs BBB.

    You will no doubt be posting notes on the forums at peculiar times of the morning!!!

    Great news.
  • Well done Mr and Mrs BBB!!
  • Just popping in to say many congrats, BBB and Mrs BBB!
  • Congratulations to Mr and Mrs BBB. Well done! Stonking size, too. Hope you haven't overstocked on first-size clothes.

    Just in time for the research showing that exclusive breast-feeding for 6 months is best for babies.

    And he shares a birthday with Mr V-rap.
  • congrats BBB, Mrs BBB, and BBB junior!
  • happy birthday mr. vrap!
  • belated......
  • Morning all,
    CONGRATULATIONS BBB & Mrs BBB - has the babe got a name yet?
  • edward is a nice name ;)
  • Moring all.

    Congratulations to the family Beer Belly.

    Many Happy Returns to Mr V-Rap for yesterday.
  • Oops, didn't notice the time on BBB's post. Mr V-rap's birthday is today.

    I was thinking about BBB yesterday, because I finally found some of the Frangelico liqueur alluded to by the Domestic Goddess. It was in Harvey Nicks food hall. So I gave Mr V-rap a bottle of it for his birthday. I shall put some of it into a chocolate and nut pud tonight since I got some ground hazelnuts at the weekend.
  • WELL DONE mr and mrs BBB....especially Mrs BBB.....9lbs ...ouch....

    Have you bought him his first pair of reeboks yet BBB ?????

    Happy birthday to Mr Vrap too......have fun....
  • And I did NOT do a recovery run yesterday, though I could have done - there was time and I felt OK after 10 hours' sleep in a plush hotel followed by a stonking brekkie (I'd forgotten how nice black pudding is when you're starving). I walked miles, though, and kept spotting little pieces of feather and sequins and empty Compeed carapaces. There were still a couple of Moonwalk signs up in St James's Park.

    I'm trying to persuade Kevin that she and her friends would like to do the half-moon next year. Failing that, I note that Womble and Pingu are up for chasing a RW victory next year. Please can I come and try to make it Gold, Silver and Bronze for the Forumites?

    Hoping for a final-fling 8-mile run today before op tomorrow.
  • foot's a lot better today. Might try gentle jogg....argghh sorry... gentle RUN !...tonight. See how it goes..before I go mad..
  • Vrap....two questions.

    !...My daughter 3 has always had a very spoty face. At first it was just those baby milk spots but they never went away and now she constantly has cheeks covered in small white heads, just like grown up ones. Her skin is gradually beginning to get red and marked where the little holes get left behind and I'm worried about the long term effect. What causes it and can I prevent it?

    That was a long question . I'll save the other for later....
  • Morning all!

    Congratulations Family BBB, great news!
  • Morning all

    Well done Mrs BBB....9lbs!!! oucherooney, 7lb4 was bad enough!

    having a quiet day today, as physio massaged my legs last night and they are v tender today!
  • Spans - congrats on your great relay runs at the weekend, how long was each one?
  • Hurray, hurray

    Welcome to the world BBB3 !!!!

    Congrats BBB and Mrs BBB !!!!!!

    I hope you are giving up now as they will just get bigger :-)

    WE were getting worried tho :-)

    I LUUURRRVVVEEEE babies :-)
  • thanks Fraggle, the first one was meant to be 13.5miles but we all got lost and ended up doing just over 15miles and the second was 9.2miles... managed to do 45miles in total between Thurs and Sun!!

    BTW what did the physio say about your knee, did you put yoyr recovery back at all or are you doing fine?
  • Spans did you do the green belt relay?

    For those FFF's at my house, Alisons husband was doing it and his team was winning !!!
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