Calf pain


I have been running since January (the first time I have ever stuck to a new year resolution) and now I seem to have my first injury. I'm absolutely gutted.

I'm training for my first half marathon (Eden Project, 11th Oct) and really worried that I don't think I'm going to be able to do it.

3 weeks ago I started getting really bad shooting calf pain down the outside of my right calf, and also an aching pain on the inside of the same calf. Is this shin splints? I've rested it for 2 weeks, then ran 3 miles on Monday, and 3 miles today, both runs have been really painful, and its still hurting even just walking around.

Feeling very tearful at the prospect of not being at the Eden project. I've been doing so well up to now!

Any advice would be appreciated x


  • How old are your running shoes?  Do they offer you the right support?

  • No, I was worried some one might ask me that question! I started running 3/4 times a week in January, and I'm still in an old pair that a friend gave me!

    Been reading a few articles on this sight, and starting to realise that I need something decent on my feet. Oops!

    But now I'm worried that I'm gonna rush out on my day off on Friday, (I'm gonna be brave and go to a local "proper" running shop) and I'm pinning all my hopes on my new trainers making all the pain go away immediately, so I can at least partially recover my 1/2 marathon training!

    Its worth a go!

  •      give it a go i am doing my first 1/2 marathon on oct 4 and had the same problem,about three weeks ago,i bought a stability shoe on some sound advive,and have been able to continue training, make sure u get ur rest days in though.good luck

  • I see this is an old post but I have suffered in the past with calf pain getting a gait analysis was the best thing for me. I have also started using calf compression sleeves which have helped so very much.
  • Been there, had that, had operations but to no avail.......... You will go around in circles with this one.

    IT IS YOUR BACK!! Stretch out your back first before and after running obviously when your recent tear or injury has gone away.

    The majority of what is going on in your calf is governed by your lumbar spine, you must always keep your lower vertebrae supple or you will pay the price.

    Good luck
  • Hey guys, I could use advice too. I've been running for years, but always had a persistent problem with my Right Calf. At one point I became so frustrated with my Calf I took a big year-long break from running. Since this past April I've been really getting back into it. Set myself a realistic goal of sub-35 for a 10k and been following a lot of people's advice with training for it. My training has been going well then BAM there goes my Calf yet again. It's incredibly frustrating. At the moment it's just slight discomfort when walking around but I know it only gets worse from here. What could be causing this persistent pain? Could it be that I simply don't replace my shoes often enough? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks. 
  • xink1982xink1982 ✭✭✭

    Hi Guys Ill try to cut the short but there is potentially a very simple solution here - Knee Length Compression Socks.

    I was a serious runner for about 5 years before my knee blew up but early on after I joined my club I was sidelined for about 6 weeks with persistent calf pain.... Think about it - every time your foot smack against the concrete it causes a trauma which is absorbed, in part by your calf which vibrates upon impact.

    The Compression socks reduce the impact and prevent your calf from vibrating as much..... After switching to the socks I had no more issues for the remainder of my competitive running days.

    For a potentially quick fix of under £10 I would urge everyone to try this with a similar issue - you have very little to lose - let me know how u get on



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