cervical spondylosis and running

I've been diagnosed with Cervical Spondylosis, but I find that running helps me relax my neck and shoulders.  I was just wondering if anyone out there in running land, be you a physio, doctor or other similar expert could tell me if I'm doing extra damage without realising...I'm only 32 and would like to look after my neck as best I can. 

Also is there many other sufferers out there who find running a good escape from the annoying pain and discomfort?



  • Cervical spondylosis covers  a wide range of severity of "wear and tear" in the neck (same thing..........). it depends on your individual situation- in most instances, I would say, if it makes you feel better- go for it, - the only exception really being if your neck is very vulnerable in some way- instability, or significant cord compression- but if that were the case, I would not expect running to ease the symptoms.

    The only person who can really give you proper advice is whoever diagnosed the problem, as they'll know the extent of the problem. Good luck!

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