Triathlon training in Romford

Hi all
Im a 47 year old ex smoker who has decided to try for the London triathlon next year. I can cycle no problem but have just been for a run and thought I was finished for sure - after 6 minutes! On top of that I've been told that as I am 16 stone (sod metric!) I will damage my ankes or drop dead. I am tall so only a stone over weight but could do with some advice from anyone near Romford who knows about this stuff - any beginers who want to run round this way - anyone who knows about heart rates - in fact if you are into swimming or mountain bikeing then drop me an email.



  • Dave

    Bit of a delay, but I've only recently found these BB's and was looking for anything to do with Triathlons.

    Like you I'm hoping to do the London Tri next year for the first time and have been running to try and get a base level fitness before attempting to improve my swimming etc.

    I've just done a half marathon and am just starting to get to the gym and pool. I've also entered the London Marathon.

    I live in Chatham, Kent so if you fancy getting together for a training session or if you want to meet at a race, just let me know. I'm entering the following races:

    Dover 5 mile - 3rd Nov
    Brighton 10K - 17 Nov
    Thanet 10 mile - 1 Dec

    I'm just as new to this game as you, so it's nice to hear someone has a similar goal.

  • Hi Nick

    Good to hear from someone. Another guy just up the road from me is keen on the London Tri next year and has just emailed me. We may get some training sessions in - it will be much better than training on my own.

    If you ever get over this way I know some great off road routes for cycling. With regards to running I am still at the stage were I walk a bit and run a bit (although last couple of times I actually run more than I walked - but ached just as much!)

    How long have you been running as a half marathon sound impressive?

    Anyway good luck with it all and maybe we will catch up some time.


  • Hi Dave,
    Don't know if you're interested, but there's a running club quite near you - Havering 90 Joggers - you might want to give them a go to try and improve on your running. Good luck.
    Michelle x
  • Hi Michelle

    Thanks for that - do you know were they are based?

  • Hi Dave, They meet on Tues & Thurs at Hornchurch Sports Centre. Secretary's name is Dave Keeley.. Tele. 01708 440994, or I don't belong to them, but they are organising a 10K for 13th Oct which I'm running in & they sent all their information with the race pack. Hope they can be of help to you. Good Luck!
    Michelle x
  • Hi,
    As a 43 year old ex-smoker I know what you are going through, keep training the improvements when they come feel amazing. I am training now for the Marathon de sables so run and cycle every day.
    It is annoying, that my own stupidly in smoking makes the starting so much harder, but I can run 5 miles then walk 2 minutes then run again, on the bike I cycle 12 miles a day. Even with this level of training, sometimes you feel you are only battling against the damage done by smoking and not improving, as you should
    Some good advise to kids, DON’T SMOKE EVER!
  • Did marathon recently weighing 16st10 but like you i am tall.Stick at it it does get easier! am thinking of triathlon too, when is it?
  • Hi Dave

    I only trained for about 5 weeks for the half marathon, but I had done quite a bit of walking earlier in the year for the 3 peaks challenge. Before that I hadn't run for 5 years. Didn't get a spectacular time (1hr57) in the half marathon but very pleased to have finished.

    I intend to do more mountain biking after the running races I've entered so might well take you up on the offer of biking in Essex. Done lots of MTBing in Kent and used to do the odd race, but again like the running, along time ago ! I'll drop you an email in a few weeks time and maybe we can set something up?

    Any other runners fancy cross training with a bit of Mountain biking in Essex?

    Don't worry about the walking, I was the same when I got back into running. I found entering a race really helped to keep the motivation up though. Why don't you come down and try the Deal 5 miler (not Dover as I said in my last post) on 3rd Nov?

    Andy - the date isn't set yet for next years London Tri, should be around August. Last years details at:

  • Hi all

    Andy - this year’s tri was 11 AUGUST 2002. I guess they will keep around that sort of date next year. The web site Nick left gives the breakdown on all aspects of the race - It’s the Olympic length - 1.5k swim in the dock, 40k cycle up and down the road (Royal Albert Way) then 10k run. The age group I'll be in (45-49) top man did the swim in 27.55, the cycle in 108.57 and the run in 42.29. This is what makes me go "OH S**T". I think I shall just be glad to finish!

    NickB - Your on for some CC cycling - I will even feed you. Also I fancy going up to Norfolk with new toy - a cannondale r1000 with a caad 4 frame etc etc. I have always gone cross country - never cycled much on road. Cross country my time for 40k can be anything up to three hours 30 mins! This obviously will not do - but I read that on road I should be a lot faster as there is no rolling resistance and one mile off road (hilly) is the equivalent of 3 on road (flat). Norfolk has lots of quiet, long lanes; as nothing scares me quite as much as doughnut drivers in three wheelers right up to dustbin carts fully prepared to risk my life for me –lol

    Michelle – Thanks for that – I have just taken on some evening courses so might not get there but they should be a great source of tips.

    Anyway I am going out to do my run walk – another weekend with aching calves!!

    See ya.

    PS - beer night tonight!!!!!!
  • Opps - last message cycle should read 1:08:57
  • Dave
    When you say CC Cycling, do you mean mountain bikes or one of those weird skinny tired cross country bikes? Those bikes don't look built to go offroad !

    I'll have a word with MrsB to see which days I'm allowed out to play. Can you make any days during the week?
  • Hi NickB

    Yup - mountain bikes - I'm out next Monday morning if you can make it. We do from 14 - 24 miles depending on weather and suchlike.

    I am hopeing to get another guy who is interested in the tri along as well - he lives just up the road.

  • Can't make Monday, any of these dates any good?

    Thursday 10th
    Tuesday 15th
    Thursday 24th

    I haven't been out on my bike for a couple of years so guess I better get it out of the garage this weekend and make sure it still works.

  • Hi Nick

    Tuesday 15th sounds good but - and please don't laugh - I take me Julie to Ballroom Dancing at 1pm on Tuesdays so it would have to be early.

    If your Bike is no good I can lend you a good one plus a crash helmet.



    PS If Ballroom dancing sounds strange - I also go to Salsa class's on Monday evenings. It must be love as I am definitely not getting in touch with my feminine side as my son suggests! - lol
  • Sounds good. I'll double check I can get the time off work and drop you a email to confirm.

    Bike works fine although still muddy from my last outing 2 years ago.

    I can get there early if you want as I'm only 20mins from the Dartford crossing. I'll probably be knackered by lunch anyway.


    Ps. Ballroom dancing - Impressive ! (?) The things us blokes have to do to be allowed to follow our own hobbies. My wife's taking me barn dancing end of Oct - only once though !
  • OK Nick

    Hear from you near the time then.

    Anyone else up for a bit of off road cross training?

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