am I the only one fed up???

right........I'm fed up with my washing machine going constantly..........I'm sure I'm causing an enviromental disaster just in my house...........

so I run 4 times a week and cross train.....................

OH runs 5 times a week.......

1 son has PE 3 times and plays hockey 5 times and runs twice.................

1 son PE 3 times a 2 a week and horserides

3 rd son just horserides...........

this just makes so much washing  everyday before you start in the normal school uniform/ clothes/ sheets/ towels.

so how do people cope with constantly washing kit......

Maybe it would be better if we were all couch potatoes wearing the one set of clothes for the whole dayimage



  • Shall I be the first minger to admit to wearing kit twice image
  • 2 or 3 times easily in the winter. Esp if cycling....
  • Just a quick rinse and spin with a bit of liquid after each run, and a "proper" wash at the weekends works for me.
  • I'll trump you there Waff and admit to using it 3 times if it's not too sweaty.........

    you do not need to wash kit after every use
  • Nick... you're required for laydeez friday amusement on the photo thread... image image

    Don't worry we'll still respect you in the morning!!  image

  • I let the sweat dry and use it again

    When it gets smelly and people notice, then I wash it

  • But It stinks after I have worn it once and my OH is even worse.........its usually dripping wet as wellimage where would you put it until you use it the next time...........I haven't a garage to hang it in
  • My kit properly stinks after just one run, I have run in unwashed kit before, but its not a pleasent experiance.
  • I re-use mine as well, hang it on a hanger to let it "air" and wear it again, no one notices or i run on my own!!!

  • LOL, OH wshes my stuff once a week no matter how many times it's used image

    Now that I'm biking as well, I have two sets for her to wash image

  • I don't find sports it too bad - it generally dries pretty quickly.  

    Stuff like jeans, most school uniform, throws for the settees because we have dogs etc go in the dryer.    Worse in Winter when the radiators are covered in clothes drying - not really a problem in Summer.  

  • I wash my running kit when it can crawl to the washer itself. Usually get 2-3 runs out of it but I do run alone!

    On the subject of washers... My machine's 20 years old (inherited it!) and last night it took ages to do its normal programme. Clothes came out warm (depite a cool rinse) so I reckon it's over-heating. And a couple of things have run, inlcuding my sports bra image that's now sludgy mauve / grey colour. If it's the thermostat is it worth replacing? Mr S says it may be time for a new one.

  • Just about to say the same Shimmy Shimmy  image

  • mine only last a few yearsimage

    popsider agree with worse in winter with radiators and banisters full of the stuff.don't use a tumble dryer.....

    and agree about the stuff drying fairly quickly for sport but it seems to be neverending........

  • Nam wrote (see)

    Nick... you're required for laydeez friday amusement on the photo thread... image image

    Don't worry we'll still respect you in the morning!!  image

    oooooh what's occuring?

    tum tee tum......

  • All my runs are 10m+ at the mo, 6 times a week,  and kit soaking normally, so our house full of kit drying all the time. Good thing about running kit, climbing and walking gear is that it doesn't need ironing!image
  • I have decided a few years ago that no clothes need ironing if you fold them neatly when dry or hang them up...................I haven't ironed for years( hurts my backimage)................If my oH has a shirt that needs attention he knows where i have hid the ironing boardimage
  • I don't iron either, frees up so much time.  I dont have an ironing board.  I use the kitchen counter if something needs ironing so much.
  • Oh great, my sluttiness is top of the page for everyone to see ... the shame image
  • My ambition is to get to the bottom of my wash basket!  Mines is on every single day - sometimes a couple of times.  My carbon footprint must be the size of a tyrannosaurus!
  • Do you have the thing where there is always the same item in the bottom of the wash basket because it just wont fit in so you think, well, I dont need it at the mo, it can wait until the next wash.

  • Gyraffe wrote (see)
    Shall I be the first minger to admit to wearing kit twice image
    image Me to. Shimmy Don't worry I can't stand ironing ever.image
  • I go running on my own so my kit gets the sniff test before I go out.  Nah, it will do.  I call it being environmentally friendly. 

    Mr Shimms gets washed every time though as he stinks image Being a laydee I smell of roses when I sweat. 
  • I can't be no lady thenimage
  • No, you are, all roses smell different. image
  • TheraThera ✭✭✭
    I also find that if you wash your kit lots it won't last as long either, whcih costs more again. I usually put my kit on a half hour freshen up wash. It seems to work...
  • Shims, i wouldn't worry, I don't own an iron!!! image Lifes to short!
  • Oh, I do own a iron, just in case I need to iron on letters onto vests etc.  image
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