am I the only one fed up???



  • Hand wash technical kit after a run and maybe machine washe every three to fourth outing. Not technical straight in the wash. Training kit always seems to be in the wash between gym, footie, tkd and running...never bliddy endingimage
  • The other option is just to rinse it off with you in the shower or bath - that gets rid of the sweat.  Then hang it out to dry and viola

    Water saver AND kit saver

    *is a geniuth*

  • You are The Oracle PO! image

    Can't believe some folk iron running kit (no one here I see but there are one or two at my club that I have my suspicions about) image

    I stick soggy kit in the wash on a short wash cycle. Only takes 30 mins and uses less water. If it's raining, I put it in the airing cupboard to dry or on a radiator .... if it's on, which is rare image

  • to be fair with so much kit needing washing its always in a full loadimage
  • I wish I had an airing cupboard, I hate washing on radiators it never smells as nice as line dried.
  • We rented a cottage in wales in the Summer - it had one of those drying racks on the kitchen cieling that you hoist up and down with a cord - old fashioned but definitely something we could do with in this house.
  • used to have one in my house when I was young pops........image
  • My vests are always minging after a run cos I'm a fat lad and I sweat a lot. 

    But I do wear shorts twice and sometimes socks. Use towels twice too.

  • TBH  A quick swish in the Washing Up bowl with some Fairy Liquid is all thats needed most the time anyway. And wicky kit is dried out by the next day
  • I've got one of these too

    My kids call it 'the clothes monster'! image

    I do at least 1 load of washing every day, sometimes 2. I think it's just the way it has to be Serren, sorry! image

    At least we don't have to do the washing like they did back before electricity. Thank goodness for washing machines. Load it in, switch it on, take it out and dry it. Much better than it taking all day just to do one load. image

  • I wash my cap in the shower as well.

    After I've had a wee, obv.
  • Small, I've got one of those too. And that pic looks just like my kitchen but tidier... image

    *goes to check for hidden cameras*

  • He he, I'm hiding in your tea cups image

    It's a very nice kitchen I must say!

  • Have you found the gin yet small?
  • While I was in Cornwall this summer I stayed in a house with no washing machine and just a spin dryer, made me realise just how useful washing machines are when I was trying to hand wash towels!!  Although the spin dryer was brilliant.

    I am also a bit of a kit slut, only washing it after 2 goes normally.  Although I do draw the line at re-wearing  socks!

  • ftm42ftm42 ✭✭✭
    I have to admit to occasionally dumping my kit in the shower tray while I get freshened up!

    Incidentally, I really admire the fact that you are all so active! My hubby doesn't do any exercise bar the odd dog-walk and my 3 sons aren't at all into sport [although no. 2 wants to take up karate]. Good on all of you!
  • TheraThera ✭✭✭

    I guess washing is unavoidable anyway, so you may as well include your kit. I do kind of like the rinsing in the shower ides....hmmm...I could then just spin it and hang it out to dry....hmmmm.

    *goes away to hatch a plan*

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