Aircast A60 ??

Morning folks,

I'm currently recovering from a nasty twisted ankle sustained at last Sundays Para's 10, I was wondering if anyone had any experience of the Aircast A60 or other ankle support for use when running.

Or will I be safe to run without one (road running only) until the ankle regains it strength before returning to off road running.

Thanks in advance,



  • Hi Xan,

    I badly sprained my ankle last year when I was training for the FLM. My physio got me an aircast splint and it was fantastic, was able to cross train with it from day 1, even did pool running with it. I was off running for 3 weeks (consultant said it would be 6), and then started running with the airsplint whilst also doing balancing exercises to strength it. I wouldn't start running without one until you feel confident that it is not going to hurt or you could go over on it again.


  • Hi Tricia,

    Thanks for the reply, I'm seeing my fizz on Tuesday so I'll ask about the aircast splint, I think I'm going to get one anyway just to protect the ankle from further damage as I doing HellRunner in November.

    My doc said about 6 weeks recovery but I did a bit of research on the net and found some active recovery plans that should reduce it to around 3 weeks, it's been a week since the injury and I'm now doing single leg balances, ankles rotations without much pain, so finger's crossed I haven't done too much damage.

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