knee pain walking and running downhill only!

Hi I have not been able to run in the past 5 years due to knee pain. As soon as i run downhill my knee aches that bad that i have to stop. I have been for Xray.MRI and they show nothing wrong, Ultrasound shows inflamation and a little fluid. I have had my gait checked and i pronate badly. I have bought various motion control trainers to try along with superfeet insoles and orthaheel insoles.

I also used to have knee pain on a daily basis just walking around work etc. I visited a sports physio and we both agreed i had very little muscle left on my quad. Been doing weight training for 9 months now and do not have daily knee pain only when i run or hill walk.

So i have made some progress in the fact i do not have daily knee pain at work. All my shoes and boots have orthotic insoles in them. I have spent over £1200 on Trainers,insoles,phsio and various knee supports in the last 5 years and still can't run.

The pain i experience is around the front to start with and then accross the back and at this point it is pure agony.

I have tried cho pat,gel band and various other knee supports. I went to NHS phisio and she said it was my fallen arch. So i bought orthotics. Then she said it was tight hamstrings,tight calves and maybe my hip.

Has anybody got any suggestions please as i don't know what else to do?


  • My personal experience tells me...go see someone that can check the alignment of your pelvis.

    If your pelvis is aligned correctly then it will be a case of one of or all of the following:

    Muscular imbalances

    Muscle weakness

    Tight muscles

    The knee has to travel in a straight line otherwise it will get aggravated and cause pain and all of the above can cause the knee to travel out of alignment.

    if your pelvis is not aligned correctly then you will not run pain free no matter what you do so that is what I would do first and then you can address the above.

    Still having issues myself but since getting my pelvis back in alignment things have become much better.


    My answer above is purely based on personal experience and I do not claim that any of the above will work for you. Like myself, you will be aware by now that trying to find an absolute answer to any knee problem is impossible.

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