Liquid Creatine

6 weeks ago I started using liquid creatine before running and have noticed that it has boosted both speed and endurance. I have had a break of a week not using it and have noticed a difference. The only big drawback using it is the huge cost( If you run 6 days a week £55 supply only lasts about a month.
Does anyone have any ideas on more cost effective alternatives and advice on whether liquid creatine really does work ?


  • Hi Paul,

    Science In Sport (SiS) do a powdered creatine supplement called KR10 that you can buy off the web ( and looking on their site that costs between £6 and £20 depending on the size of tub you buy.

    I've no idea whether or not it works but I've used their other products - energy drinks and gels - and they seem pretty good.

    If you have a search on somewhere like Yahoo! throws up a lot of creatine-related sites. One of them is which seems to have a lot of info.

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