Registering for Norseman

Looking at the website, the race is capped at about 200 entrants. Can anyone tell me how the selection for that 200 is decided. If it is on the website, I couldn't see it.


  • I dont know for definite but I would assume first come, first served
  • It will be first come and it fills up very quick but they do seem to like overseas entrants so if it is full it may be worth mailing the race organiser to see what your chances are of still getting in image
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  • It is first come first served, but they do have allocations for overseas entrants.

    Last year entries opened at midday, and they posted a link on the website for a spreadsheet that you had to download, fill out & then email back. About 4 or 5 days later they announced who had got a place & said it had filled up in about 6 minutes I think!
  • Wow. Six minutes.
    I'm hoping to do it in 2011 (not next year), but was wondering that with such a limited field, it may be a bit over-optimistic to expect to get in first time.
    What was on the spreadsheet? Name, age, address etc or was it a bit more involved.
  • They have changed the procedure this year......


  • Entry is now a lottery system......

    and they will only let the first 160 go up the mountain......

    "Only the first 160 competitors that reach the 32.5 km check point before the cut-off time at 14 hours 30 minutes will be allowed to continue towards Mt Gaustatoppen. All later competitors will have to finish the white track. This means that number 161 will receive the white t-shirt, even if he/she reached the check point before the time cut-off."

    and they might be discriminating against the geeks  "....we had too many IT-consultants in the start field...."

    Registration process and User Manual

    Date 10/02/2009

    Here is the User Manual for Norseman Xtreme Triathlon 2010. Click here!
    You are expected to read it before you sign on for the race. This saves you from frustration and us from complaints after the race.
    Registration will open at October 9. There will be a one week sign on period. There will be quotas for non-Norwegians, female and elite participants. Elite slots will be based on merits, all other slots will be based on lottery.

    At last year, the race was full after 7 minutes. The quality of the information we received from the participants were lousy and we had too many IT-consultants in the start field. This year you will not be in a hurry. All information necessary to sign on will be published next Friday.
    There will also be a “race director quota”. This quota will include local participants from Eidfjord and Rjukan, participants from sponsors, press (media), crew and travel agencies. The quota will also include a few participants with extraordinary good stories that can bring interest from the press.

    You now have one week to read the User Manual before you decide if you want to enter Norseman 2010. All changes in the User Manual are intended to reduce the risk of the event and are based on the following experiences from 2009:

    Dangerous driving and parking by the support cars during the bike leg.
    Dangerous traffic during the first 25 km’s of the run leg, due to athletes running at both sides of the road, followed by support both at bikes and cars.
    Support people entered the mountain with inferior equipment and fitness.
    Problems with organizing the transport with the lift down from the mountain, particularly when it was the most crowded.
    We had more people at the top of Mt Gaustatoppen than we could handle properly.

    The “pack” (finishers between 14 and 16 hours) where too crowded.

  • I'm gutted about this...its on my 2011 list.  I'm a thats in my favour....but I'm an I.T. Geek.  I'd not be happy for spending all that money if I make the cut-off time but not the cut-off number.  I guess I'll have to work extra hard in training!! 
  • To be fair there were only 176 who got black this year so the change isn't that massive & understandable from a safety standpoint. I was chatting to a guy at the awards ceremony who just managed to make the cuttoff this year & he didn't get off the mountain until gone 1a.m.

    I'm hoping to be there again in 2011 too, now I just have to be lucky in the lottery AND more importantly improve by at least 34 places which means being about 40 minutes quicker on the bikeimage

  • Ah...just realised its you NM....since we were similar pace at HIM I've got little or no chance of getting black then...your biking was stronger than mine and that was with your dodgy gears. No way will I be able to make that sort of improvement for Norseman.  image

    hmmm....I look better in black.  will I be able to settle for white?

    fingers crossed they change the rules again for 2011.

  • I've just read the bumph, and I imagine that the increase in interest has meant the change in numbers/allocation. I'd planned for 2011, but might throw in a cheeky 2010 application as a 'might as well bid' - if they had a FLM '5 strikes and you're in' type system, I'd go with that. I guess a failed application won't cost anything?
    My problem is a supporter - my OH doesn't drive - any way round that?
  • No, the race is a point to point so you need someone who can drive and support. It is a tough job supporting someone in a race like this so choose wisely image
  • Smiffy loves Disney Princess films? I am not sure I needed to hear that about a Tri God. LOL. Next you'll be saying he once thought about using a compact. My vision is dashed!

    Speaking of Smiffy, when can you lead a numpty pirate team to another Surrey upflat session Oh Seasoned One?

  • it's open for entires now here

    If there are other pirates interested for 2011 (I'll be going back) I guess a group entry with potential coverage in RW (or the new tri mage) might help secure some places.........

  • Did anyone apply for this? I regret not applying for 2010 now so will definitely go for it in 2011.
    Looking at the website, 650 apps for 250 places - looks like a 40%ish strike rate. All women applicants were accepted. Do you think they'd turn you away on raceday if your gender had changed since application?
  • Hmm. What to do, I've wanted to do this race for years, finally got to a point that I'm thinking about it seriously but now they've changed the rules and it doesn't look good if you're a non-elite woman. Only 13 women made the first 163 who were allowed to go to the top of of the mountain. Of the 46 who were diverted to the white t-shirt finish 16 were women.

    Them's not good odds, I can race to clock cut-offs but I can't pace myself to elite mens times.

    It's a lot of money (costing in the car, support etc) and I have no chance of a shot at the top under these rules.  Oh well, maybe someone in the UK will come up with a similar style event. image

  • try Embrunman instead - it's probably as tough (certainly a tougher bike) if not harder as it's mid-summer in the Alps so the weather could vary from full on 30+C heat to snow at the top of the bike course.

    there are a few off the forum heading there in 2011 - it's also easier to get to than N'man
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