sick when swimming

Twice this has occured.  Once doing a 400m swim time trial and yesterday doing my 1st 400m pool swim tri.

I get about 3/4 of the way through doing the laps then feel light headed, dizzy and promptly at the end of the 400m am physically sick.

 This doesn't happen during normal swim training but it appears to only occur when I am swimming really fast at race pace. 

I do bilateral breathing, alternating both sides every 3 strokes.

Is this likely to be motion sickness?  If so, I've never suffered in any way or form previously.


  • Same problem I had...

    I've been sick in all sorts of races, Wearing ear plugs seems to stop me having a problem

  • EArplugs are a good idea, you could also try breathing every two when you're sprinting - perhaps you need the extra oxygen (?)

    Does it happen in open-water or just the pool?
  • I've done a few open water swims in the Sea but not at a fast pace so don't know if open water would be the same.

     I don't feel like I'm gasping in need of air and if I breathe every two I'm moving my head more and it seems worse.

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