Ancient and Running...

Does anybody else have workmates(or 1) who always down what u do in ure my place there is (lets call her Euphemia) shes the same age as me, and I completed my 1st 10k 2wks ago..I went in proud to show my medal off!!

Everyone was congratulating me, WELL DONE!! GOOD FOR YOU!!! MY GOODNESS GOOD ON YOU GIRL!!!

THEN LOW AND BEHOLD EUPHEMIA STEPS IN!!! Running what are you doing that at your age for(46)?? u are far to old for you think ure sttill in ure teens!!!! U running, i would love to see that...a medal that costs 50p....

WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT? am not asking for their opinion..and they always butt in with the wrong words and always in front of about 10 members of other workmates...

BUT!!! I stayed STRONG and my 50p MEDAL was hung around my neck all day at work....and EUPHEMIA..well, what can I GETS WORSE

I put up my sponsor form for my next 10k..and i went back to work next day, someone told me she threw it in the BIN!!!! its not appropiate for the staff notice board!!!! she ripped itt of the board and in the bin it fell....

AM so angry.image..and what can I do SHES MY BOSS!!!!!



  • Make her a nice cup ot tea laced with laxatives!

    Smacks of jealousy to me, She probably knows there is no chance she could run a bath let alone a 10k, Chin up and keep running

  • Ignore her?

     Mind you, I'd never dream of wearing one of my medals to work!!!! , I'd probably get the piss ripped pretty quickly!!!

  • What a c*nt!
  • Ignore her and crack on. Agree that it sounds like she's jealous, also like the cup of tea idea................
  • the cup of tea bit...! i can actually do that as i work in the NHS!!! WILL KEEP IT IN MIND!!image
  • " u are far to old for you think ure sttill in ure teens!!!! U running, i would love to see that..."

    can I please ask that at 46 you write in English please and not in txt spk......

    thank you

  • image

    Yeah Please like wot FB said

  • FB I think you'll find there's an e in text. image

    Smacks of jealousy to me too... F*ck her (not literally obviously).  Dont let her petty jealousy get you down hun.

  • poly wrote (see)
    AM so angry.image..and what can I do SHES MY BOSS!!!!!

    What can you do? Don't get angry.

    There's no shortage of idiots in the world. You can't really change people like that, the best thing to do is not let them bother you.

  • She must be very unhappy and insecure, let it go, she has the problem not you. I'm sure your colleagues were appalled at how she put you down in front of everyone.

    Do agree  with Danowat tho about the medal! Take pride in your running and make sure you mention every race you do!!


  • Your boss is affecting your human rights you have the right to dignity in the workplace, and as she said this in front of witnesses. I would poll your co workers to see if they will support you in a complaint to her boss, and at the very least she owes you a just as public apology. If that's not going to suit you then use what cabin crew put into annoying passengers tea, eye drops. but that leaves you in a dangerous position lawfully
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