GNR 2010

Hi everyone

As a lapsed runner - having done the GNR and FLM before three years ago - I had a car crash two years ago and havent done much running since.  I've also put on three stone !!  However, since watching the GNR on the tv yesterday I felt inspired and want to do it next year.  Trouble is, when I did it last time I stayed at a friends house but she has moved (you just cant get the friends!!) so i thought I would book a hotel room straight away.  Does anyone know which hotel in South Shields is nearest to the finish or could someone please recommend a nice, clean place where I could rest my weary bones after doing the race next year.  I feel really inspired and determined, even though (dont laugh) I am only as yet, up to three miles run/walk because of my weight.  Any help would be most welcome 

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