Preston 10

Thinking of travelling over to try this. Anyone else? Anyone done it before? What`s the course like?


  • Bump!

    Got my number in the post yesterday. Looks like 2 fast and flat laps! Hope to be in the sort of shape to chase a PB.
  • You're not getting much of a response here are you ET!!

    Thinking of doing this,never done a 10 miler before and I'm thinking of doing my first half marathon in the spring so fancy getting a couple of 10 milers under me belt first. I think it's quite popular with our running club in Liverpool,reckon we had about 15 last year,gonna try and get a couple of the newer members to come along with me. 

  • ET - I might have a look at this one..... have you found a route map for it - couldn't find one on the Preston Harriers website....
  • May do this but not gonna decide till the day before!!image

    Might use this as my LSR and it'll give me a time to beat for the Stockport 10 in December!!image

  • eric2 - thanks... looks pretty flat - though that might be deceptive ?
  • Yes! Two very flat laps! Should be pretty quick. I hope to be in the shape to get a PB.
  • Did it last year and it is a pretty flat 2 lapper. There is one long section (obviously repeated) which takes you along the main road - so not too scenic. There is also a smallish bump on this part of the course, which grew on the second lap into a large hill. Last year the weather conditions were perfect for running but if the wind was in the wrong direction the long straight bits good be a bit tricky. I am no where near as fit this year so I'm not sure whether I will enter. Best of luck to all who do enter.
  • Looking forward to it. Done some training but hoping really that a decent half marathon 3 weeks ago will help to carry me to a reasonable time . . .

    Mind you, looking at the times from previous years, I don`t think I`ll do too well!
  • Thanks again to the organisers of this. Are there any photos from the race anywhere?
  • Thanks to the organisers and volunteers. Had an excellent day. Perfect course for a PB which i smashed! image) A high standard of runners also. Will be there next year!
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