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I know Laura has mentioned this, too. Is it me (and Laura) or are there just too many threads these days? I've been 'off' and find it increasingly difficult to navigate my way around the forum. Maybe I'm just losing my forumite touch...


  • Yes, I agree. I have posted a very stimulating thread this morning and I see it is dropping like a stone, I assume because nobody has noticed it.
  • There's an easy way to navigate - use the search facility on the forum general page. When I keyed in certain words I found threads I was looking for :)
  • Tim, what was the sock question?
  • How to iron them?
  • I feel a tangent coming on!
  • If only the Forums were as organised as your house, eh Tim ? :o)
  • If you iron socks, don't you get a crease down the front of your foot???
  • Maybe if you use a dummies, as in manequin(?) foot the creases are not an issue. Does this relate to the "Ironing buddy"?
  • Going back to your original point Snicks I find I haven't the time to keep up with all the thread so spend most of the time on this and the Events Forum, hence missing out on a lot of meaningful and important things.

    Are you still heading for a 1:40 at Windsor?

    Cath, nice to see you back and hope things are working out. You may possibly be contacted by the Runners World men re your picture, I hope this is OK.
  • In the early days of the new thread, there was a suggestion that more than 10 threads may be available per page as an enhancement (possibly only available to subscribers).

    RW - It would be worth the subscription for that alone - please, please, please can we have more threads per page.
  • the early days of the new thread - should have been 'new forum'

    Also like Snicks I miss the edit facility
  • I mssi the eedit faciltuy too
  • No-one misses it mroe thna I od
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