Groin Strain?

Anyone ever experienced a groin strain?
I've had pain around my hip joint for about a week now. It hurts when my foot hits the ground either walking or running (although 10 times worse when running!!) I can't remember anything untoward happening when I last ran (last Tuesday) but my aerobics class was agony on Wednesday.
Been resting since although my cycling to work doesn't affect it and I went to bodypump last night, thinking that I wouldn't be able to manage half of the class, but it was OK, not a whisper of pain.
It's just that point when I bear any weight on it, once the weight is there it seems fine.....
Anyone got any ideas????


  • Wibble

    I've been suffering similar. My pain's been located at the top of my inner thigh As you say my pain's been bad when putting weight on to it and worse when running.

    I saw a physio just before London marathon who suggested I'd damaged my pubis bone. I didn't run London and a month later as pain was still there I saw a doctor. The doctor suggested I had groin strain and told me to patient.

    The good news is im now running well. the bad news is it took nearly three months to clear up. I'm afraid i can't offer any suggestions other than rest, keep your fitness up with cycling otherwise you'll put on loads of weight as I did.

  • i am a physiotherpist, groin pain does present from the hip joint on weght bearing.Like FINISHED said go and seek help from a chartered physiotherpist its a complex area in there and weight bearing problems dont usually get better just on their own. There are lots of things referring to this area such as sacroiliac joint , lumbar spine and groin as well as hip joint.
    Good luck
  • I think I have a groin strain, as Finished, It is at the top of my inner thigh- only hurts when I run, I don't feel it at any other time. What are the best stretches I can do. Is it really going to take 3 months to clear? Any ideas to help?
  • true groin strains only hurt when you twist tyurn and overstretch. It is less comon when you simple run. Go and seek help rather than just stretch your aductor
    See a physiotherapist.
  • Thanks for the advice guys.....
    I guess I'd better book the appointment!
  • Finished,

    Glad to hear your better now and back to running again!

    Did the hip flexers help?

    Wibble - I had the same problem as finished allso took three months to heal with rest and medical treatment. Definatly go see your doctor and rest until you know what it is.

    Hope all goes well.
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