The First London Marathon Streaker

As far as I know the London Marathon has yet to experience it's first streaker. Anyone game enough and how would you go about it?

I suppose you could just jump in along the mbankment (approaching the corner by westminster bridge) and use your speed to dodge the marshalls OR you could enter the race as normal and then shed your clothes. Be a bit sweaty though.

Any thoughts?


  • dont tempt me----------
  • to strap down or not to strap down?
  • Yeah but if you stripped you wouldn't be wearing a ChampionChip and wouldn't get a time.
  • Hmmm, you could just run inshoes with chip attached. Or tie around ankle before hand with some elastic
  • And where would you pin your number?
  • I don't know - where as a hat, tie around neck.

    I don't think it would make a difference - they are going to try and pull you off....I'll rephrase that....take you off the road whether you have a number or not. May as well go without and flash ALL your bits.
  • No point paying £27 just to get pulled off 30 seconds after you start.

    Do it in front of the leaders - just make sure you don't trip up Paula (not that she'll be running).
  • why pay - just strip off and join the race a mile out. if you're a reasonable runner they won't catch you. lovely!
  • I did a moon at mile 25 to my mates on the embankment in this years race..........any advance on that???????????
  • Are you sure you shouldn't have posted that on the "What sticks out?" thread, Legless.

  • Bad luck everyone. It's been done by this fella. Imagine that, your own streaking website.
  • hahaha yeh he did it in 1996 in the last 100yards of mall, just behing the leader. Nice one.

    God he's done a few streaks in his time. He's addicted.
  • Yeah, fantastic. Take a premier athletics event that people have trained for months for and distract them and jeopardise their achievement by puerile attention seeking antics.

    Grow up.
  • Fruity Reindeer,
    £27 to be pulled off after 30 seconds sounds like a damn good deal to me!
  • Yeah Slippery, but that's over £3000 for the hour.
  • Fruity Reindeer,
    I was waiting for the obvious, and you didn't disappoint. Congrats!
  • Sorry, miscreditted. Well done slippery
  • Honestly now, who would be up for that in aid of a chosen charity? It would be such a scary thing to do, but...... and think of the publicity!!

    Rite, shall I start the list?

    Road Runner (possible)
  • Oh deer - am I getting predictable now?
  • Oh - okay - Slippery was getting obvious!
  • Steady has provided a link to a US nudey race…but there is one here in the UK nude run. It's a 5K on July 6 at Tything Barn in Pembrokeshire if you're interested…
  • I'd be worried I might get aroused!!

    barnsleyrunner, come on mate it would take your mind off the pain of the marathon...
  • Nah Rob, I don't think I'd enter a totally nude race, it wouldn't be as much fun as doing FLM (all in the name of charity of course!)
  • RR - I for one will sponsor you a fair amount if you do a streak in next years LM...
  • now come on now, this is an organised URWFRC streak for the full distance, are u volunteering daz?
  • I'm a bit slow today - what does that stand for?
    Hmmm I'm always game for a laugh....but that might be a bit much!
  • URWFRC - UnOfficial Runner's World Forum Running Club
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