Knee issues

Well I have a really sore and stiff knee after yesterdays long run ! In fact it was sore last week and I thought I had knocked it playing football but it has persisted and is the worst it's been right now.

No pain when my leg is straight but on bending or crouching down I am getting a lot of pain and it is very stiff and not so flexible as my leftknee. If I do a squat type movement I really feel it and would be unable to complete squats in the gym. The main pain is along the front to the right of my knee cap if I am looking down.  It is far worse when my knee is bent and I guess the main pain is where the quad meets the knee cap.

Reading a lot about runners knee but I am not sure if the pain related to that injury should be along the outside of the knee cap ?


  • If you only did your long run last night I'd give it another 24 to 48 hours before worrying.

    You are kind of supposed to feel it a bit after a long run!

  • Rob, it could be any number of things at this point so I would take the above advice and rest & ice and give it a chance to mend. As difficult as it is to do nowt I strongly recommend you take this approach and come back slow. I'm sure it'll be fine, but I talk from experience of ignoring a similar pain in my knee. It came on over a 2 week period, thought little of it, and then destroyed it doing the Grim 8 miler last December. Couldn't run for 3 months after that and still haven't got back to anything like I was running before having ended up with chronic patella tendonitis. I was problem free for the previous 20 years. It aint worth it, don't be a tw*t  like me, listen to your body, rest it and you'll hopefully be fine. Good luck, Will.
  • I actually pasted the above off another thread so the long run was Sunday and it's now Thursday so I have not ran since. I have been icing and taking Ibuprofen and although it's not right it has improved. I am away for the weekend and I am hoping I will be able to start running again next week. 

    Supposed to be doing the Stroud Half on the 25th of October so I am hoping I will be able to get back asap

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