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A recent event with me and another with a friend has led me to think about ID when you're out running.  At the moment, I run with water (if required) and a set of keys.  If I was found unconscious then no-one would know who I was, or who to contact.  I'm thinking I should get one of those keyfobs that have a bit of paper onto which I could write my name and a contact number.

 Any other suggestions?



  • What about the Reebok Cram Alert ID. My friend is a member and has an ID wristband with an emergency number to phone.

  • I know quite a few people (including myself) use RoadID. Although it's American they deliver quite quickly
  • I've had two accidents whilst out running on my own, so now have a little tag tied to my shoe with contact details "In case of emergency please call........"  etc
  • I don't think putting your name on your keys is a good idea so something like a cram tag would be better.   

     I admit I don't bother though - I always think if I don't turn up eventually someone will come looking for me and if I'm dead or in hospital they'll find me then. 

  • Good point - need to think on that
  • As Gertie, I wear a Road ID wrist band with numbers in case of emergency. Very quick and good value at less than £16 inc P&P


    Better than a bit of plastic, don't you think !!
  • I carry my mobile phone so no doubt they will trace me through thatimage

  • you can get one of those cheap cat/dog container i.d. things which have a scrolled up piece of paper inside.

    they cost pennies and you can tie them to your shoe. image
  • seren nos - dyn haearn wrote (see)

    I carry my mobile phone so no doubt they will trace me through thatimage

    not easily if its a pay and go contract ...
  • or store an ICE number (in case of emergency)
  • I wear a stainless steel dog tag on a chain long enough to tuck down sports bra so no jangling. Have his n hers with name, ICE info and organ donor engraved on. Cost £2 from ebay.
  • All these are a great idea if the emergency services know where to look.
    Anyone know their procedure when they find a casualty..??

  • Got mine from £3.95. It's a plastic tag attached to my shoe with a couple of contact numbers. Hopefully I'll never need it...
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    Just write all the info on the "full size" shrinkie. Shove it in the oven and let it "shrink" to size. Put a couple of holes in it and tie it to your shoe laces.

  • I always take my phone with me when I run so that I can ring someone ICE.  I also have an ICE number stored in my phone
  • I think carrying ID is an excellent idea for all lone runners.

    I was bought an ID bracelet from this site by my best friend as a Christmas pressie.  A slightly more expensive option I know but it was a gift.  They do a variety of choices depending on budget from a tenner to £100+.

    Don't forget to include if you have any medical conditions on your ID.

    Our tri club has all our membership details on the front and an ICE name and contact number on the back of our membership card (which is laminated and slightly smaller than credit card size.  We have to take our card to all sessions.  

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    ICE tags - simple image

    Family & Doctor`s details on the back.

  • I wear a set of military style dog tags round my neck, picked them up from a military fair for £3. They have my name, DOB, blood group, three contact numbers for my wife and the fact im allergic to wasps!!


  • I reckon for those concerned that's the best solution rather than tags on your running shoes - I mean unless you routinely carry other ID everywhere else you go you could have a medical emergency any time - not just when you are running.
  • I carry a scrap of paper in my pocket with my husband's mobile number on it. If it's a long run or if it's raining I put the paper in a plastic bag to stop the ink running. Pretty hi-tech I think you'll agree. image

    I only do this so that he'll have less stress if I get squished on the road.

  • Popsider - true enough but most other places people do tend to have purse/wallet on them with cards inside with their name on (at worst) and their driving licence (at best) so that hospitals would have something to go on.

    Though, my little bracelet is quite pretty so I do find I just wear it all the time.  (Perfect for if I get squashed by a bus in bed, non?) image

  • Was going to say same thing as Mouse but she got there before me. image
  • Mouse...I wear a Talisman bracelet at all times and agree with you. I'm deaf and only carry the front door key when I go out running...all my contact details/blood group etc. are noted on the paperslip provided with the bracelet...should a bus squash me all they have to do is bury the braceletimage  
  • billuk wrote (see)
    Got mine from £3.95. It's a plastic tag attached to my shoe with a couple of contact numbers. Hopefully I'll never need it...
    Thanks for that, just ordered!
  • now I know what to but my OH for his birthdayimage
  • seren nos - dyn haearn wrote (see)
    now I know what to but my OH for his birthdayimage
    I hope you're going to say steak and beer image
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