Carrying identification



  • I have RoadId bracelet, in case you don't want to carry personal details that anyone could get hold of easily

     It has a pin and password on the back and a telephone number  that police/hospital can call to obtain all my information including Next of kin, Doctors details etc

     The basic info on the front is just my name and blood group. image

    It's bright yellow too so easy to see and spot.

  • I have a Medic Alert bracelet and have done for a while - I have underlying medical conditions/medications that might be important for any medics to know about should I get squished/collapse on a run. It acts as my peace of mind that if this happens the info is available to medics and that my husband/parents/best friend (in that order should one be unavailable) be contacted to let them know.

    I don't wear it day to day but I do wear it when I'm travelling. In fact that's where I lost it recently - in Italy!

  • Bought my id wristband from Arrived the next day and really pleased with it.

    Did start another thread where I was asking about them. I have missed this thread. They also do medical wristbands etc. for those who want more than just a sports one.

  •  I have one of these on my shoe with my name, address, contact telephone numbers for my husband and father, my blood group and that I'm an organ donor.
  • I thought about this after Steve Cram's brother died running. I just have a personalised key chain which has my name and the phone numbers of my wife, dad and father-in-law. Hopefully one of them would pick up in an emergency. If I do lose my keys then no-one's going to know my address to get up to no good either.

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