Water bottle holders + Nike watches

I was thinking of getting one of those waist belt water bottle holders, can anyone recommend a product that will fit the smaller female figure and be comfortable? Running holding a bottle kills my shoulder!

Also I want one of those fancy looking Nike watches with the angled face, anything I should know before I splash out and get one?




  • Helbel,
    I'm small (5ft 1in) and I've just got one of the Nathan bottle holders, have only tried it on so far, feels comfy enough, it's a lot heavier when full of liquid though !
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    with the nike watches, they are brilliant! cant recommend my little watch enough.

    The only thing I would say is that you can never have too many laps available on the watch, especially if you are planning to do a marathon. The watches that record less laps are the cheapest, but if I ever run a marathon, I have got to try and fit 26 mile splits into 20 laps! so Id say get a 26 lap Nike watch at least, if you want to do marathons in the future.
  • get a camel bak, as they are fantastic! - no belt around the waist just a rucksac stile water carrier...

    can't tell you about watches as i am still using the freebie one from RW!!

    Annajo - are you working on Saturday?
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    yep, Im in Teddington this saturday-are you planning a shopping trip?
  • Thanks all for the info. I have to say I'm a bit wary of getting a Camelbak - they look more comfy but that might be a bit more serious than I'm thinking of. I still don't run far enough to justify the purchase.

    Still looks like I'm spending some more money on my running habit... :)

  • I had a waterbottle belt for ages until I converted and it did the job fine. They do tend to bounce a little at the beginning when the bottle is full but you get used to it very quickly. Nathan ones are the best.

    Annajo - yes, a friend of mine needs some trainers / footscan etc so I thought I would bring her down... and try not to spend any money myself!!
  • Camelbak are really good if you go out for more than an hour. They're expensive but carry a lot and are comfortable. Sloshing noise takes a little getting used to...
  • Matt - if you purge them after you have filled them with water they don't slosh... ie turn upside down, gently squeeze and open the tap, lots of air will come out and then water... sorted!
  • i've got a Nike Triax Super Stamina, cost £100 but worth every penny.
  • Helbel,
    I've got the Nike triax 42 which has enough lap counts (42) for your Km's splits in a marathon. Picked it up really cheap from an advert in RW.
    It's got lap/split, counters, 8 alarms, dual time, timers, data, in-fact about the only thing I can't get it to do is run for me. It even tells the time!!!!!!!!
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