Classic Half-Marathon Schedule

Okay, I'm not going to go sub 1:25 this time, (maybe one year...) but I'm into week 7 of this and thoroughly enjoying it.

BUT, I'm looking at the last two weeks and it's scaring me.  image  Has anyone done this programme and if so, can you tell me if the last two weeks allowed you enough taper?  Would you do less mileage / lose the speed training?  Or is it perfect for the level of fitness you achieved?


  • I am also kinda scared with my last few weeks of Half marathon, the last weeks including the following long runs:

     4 to go: 13miles

    3 to go: 13 miles

    2 to go: 14 miles

    1 to go: flat out 10k

    It is my opinion that i will be too tired, but that's because I have started learning about how my old 39 year old body needs to res, so I will definitely change the schedule slightly.

    Schedules are there to give us guidelines (unless you are a long athlete with a team to support you), but there are no schedules that fit everyone. If you feel like the final 2 weeks are going 2 be too strenous, chances are that you are right and you should modify it slightly...

    This is my opinion tho, I'd wait for more well informed opinions from other ppl around...

    Cheers! image


  • Thanks, David.

    Yeah, I'm looking at 41-47 miles in the last but one week, with two speed sessions and either distance or a race on the Sunday, then running every day of the last week, though the distance tapers off.

    I'm considering scrapping some of those runs for rests.  But, might that destroy some of the benefits of the schedule?  For example, my appetite is huge at the moment, and I'm eating loads - is running every day necessary to keep the odd half-pound of useless weight off?  Does it matter?

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