Area road relays??

Any one doing the southern or Northern this weekend?


  • I'm doing the Northern one in Leeds tomorrow.

     Fearsomely high standard though so I don't think we'll be troubling the leaders.

  • AHH. There are some others then. Same here really - just need to get in the top 25 to reach the national image
  • Whats going on in Aldershot, have I missed something?
  • Anyone know what happened to the EA plans for Regional 6 & 12 Stage relays?

  • Id love to do this, but it has come to early for me, injury has seen to that. Our vet-50 team have an outside chance of a medal, but the senior squad is a little threadbare to enter a team unfortunately. 

    I love the atmosphere at Rushmoor, and it's good to see the best runners in the south of England battle it out, very inspirational.

  • agreed - great places to view and wonder how they do it!!!

    Lady wot - its the south of england road relays...your club may have entered....

  • I was there yesterday in the Vets event. Don't think we troubled the medallists...
    Watched the start of the seniors but most of them seemed to be about 20 and twice as quick as me. I have never felt my age so prominently, so quickly.
    Scorching day for it though!

  • I just about managed to hang on to one of the whippersnappers to help our mob through to the Nationals. And it looks like I'm on leg 1 for that.  Very much looking forward to shooting off too quickly and dying on my ar$e for that one, then!  image
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