What did you draw?

I drew a Venn Diagram, a square box with a spiral in it, and three concentric shapes that weren't quite square but not quite circle.


  • i drank a lot of beer and ignored him
  • I did concentric circles and various other things that were not hits.  There were lots of circles on the wall behind the easel, so that explains how come people trying to 'view' it saw that. Not sure how he got people to draw Stonehenge, or why how he got the drawer to draw them.

    I also have a free paper with the advert in, but hadn't got to that page!

  • Missed it. boo. Did go to science museum and drew a window type thing.
  • Liked the clicking blind guy...
  • Chocolate Moose wrote (see)
    Liked the clicking blind guy...

    He was amazing wasn't he. Cynical me did wonder if he could actually perceive shaddows or light and dark.

  • Be a little difficult with no eyeballs Julie...
  • Rowan Green Faster at Forty http://www.justgiving.com/stroke100 wrote (see)
    Be a little difficult with no eyeballs Julie...

    Oh yes, I forgot that part!

  • I guess people also drew concentric circles because he asked people to look in the ladies eyes which were quite defined and had the reflection of a circular light in them. 

    I drew a circle and Mr Shimms drew a football

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