The day after a marathon.

It's an old clip but many may have missed it, very funny. (and true).   


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  • Brilliant...

    Have just spat tea all over my keyboard with the very last clip!

  • OMG I'm so looking forward to hearing if my VLM ballot place has been successful this year haha 
  • What about walking upstairs backwards ?

  • Bloody brilliant, gives me happy and painfull memories of my first mara all those years ago! but their not all wearing there medals and free t-shirts!!
  • The medal's just add weight, more to carry around one those painful legs image
  • Excellent, im doing my first marathon in April. Might be worth uploading the day after into youtubeimage
  • Hello Jason, you first post too!  

    I've seen that clip before, but i just can't help watching it over and over.   I had to walk downstairs backwards the day after my first marathon.

    Which one do you have planned as your first Jason?

  • The first time I have seen this clip - brilliant - I have passed it on to my sister who is thinking of doing her first marathon next year.
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