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Hi all, really I'm looking raise a bit of awareness about Waltham Forest council trying to sell off redevelop the land that the Pool and track are based on so they can use the money to fund the building of a cinema, apartments and more shops.  In Waltham Forest there are barely any sport facillities left.

I have to confess that I have a personal interest in this as my nephew runs for the athletics clulb based there and it has done him so much good to be involved. Please could you take the time to read this article and make a comment at the bottom - I think that a petition is shortly going to be arranged and I will post te details of that but until then please help. It would be an absolute travesty if the council is able to do this...


  • Know Waltham Forest well. Cannot believe they would sell land where the track and pool are especially in London and 2012. Would have thought that the track would be used as a training venue for the games.

    If the council are going to demolish the pool and track. Then I guess they must have somewhere where residents have access to a pool and track. If your club are going to have a petition. Put a link to this site. I would also get all the local clubs in London, Essex, Kent and Herts for support too. Get local councillors who are against the idea. The local MP. The swimming club. Oh and get the media involved. The more stink made, the more the council will have a fight. Good luck.

  • runnerman, no this is the only track in the borough (alghtough there are a few other pools, but none of them have diving boards which this one does (1m 3m and 5m i think they are) and the next nearest track is quite a way off.

    As soon as I have details on a petition I will post it up! Thanks imageimage

  • Well if the council are going to do this. Then what about those who go there for diving as well as for track and field. The council are denying its people and most of all, children to local sport facilities.

    I would send a letter or email to the Evening Standard, the Sports Minister and Seb Coe at London 2012. This smacks in the face of encouraging children to sport especially if you have the Olympics on your doorstep in three years. 

  • That's a very good point runnerman, i'll suggest that to those involved image
  • Hello MD6 - good luck with campaigning.  I'll keep an eye on here and sign petition when it's ready.

    I'm not familiar with Waltham Forest but we've lost a few council swimming pools here in Bristol and it's really affected communities in a negative way and meant people (particularly in low-income areas where the pools have been removed and often without reliable public transport links to reach other facilities) have had a valuable community resource removed and they wonder why young people are running amok!

  • i spent many hours at that pool in my youth. It would be very sad if it were to disappear. Waltham Forest is the sort of area that needs more facilities, not less.
  • I remember running barefoot through Walthamstow in the early 70s (as part of the brilliant Karate lessons at the YMCA). A running track sounds much better though.

    What a ridiculous idea in shutting it! Good luck in your campaign.

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