free watch?

Hi there,
I am going to suscribe to runners world and was wondering if the watch they give you free as 1 option is a decent one (if anyone knows?)
I have seen a good watch on wiggle I was planning on buying but I might reconsider if this free option is good enough?

Hope someone can help!



  • Define decent ?
  • Not sure what they are currently giving away, but it will do start/stop and could even do lap, but beyond that check the website for details.
  • Last one we got was crap. Really Really Crap.
  • The pic in the latest magazine is different to the one I got, which bleeped incessantly at random times of the day until the battery wore out.

    I think Mr Puffy sums it up very well. image
  • Don't know about the current one, but the free watches have been a constant source of amusement/frustration/ridicule ever since I've been on here. I can't remember when I joined, but I've been running for 10 years, and reckon I must have found this pretty soon after that!

    I stuffed mine in the back of a draw & covered it with clothes to drown out thew incessant beeping, and total refusal to respond in any vaguely predictable manner to key presses before finally giving up & chucking it in the bin.

     In short, buy a decent one. One which can record multiple laps is useful, as is one which has multiple countdown timers. The other thing to look out for is how the watch & strap meet. Most nowadays seem to be moulded all in one, which means you can't just replace the strap if it breaks. I had to ditch a perfectly good "watch" bcause of this.

  • The free watch I got some time ago was - is- OK.  True the button for changing the mode fell off straight away. Luckily it was on stopwatch at the time, so that is what it does - records elapsed time. It also records up to 20 splits, after that the total time is ok, but the splits go a bit haywire. Fine for most races and if you do a marathon you just press the button every two miles instead of one (or whenever you remember). It's done what I wanted it to do for the last couple of years, so I guess I've saved a tiny bit of money. Probably will give up on me completely on my next run now!
  • thanks people, I think I'll go for the wiggle option and opt for the discount off the magazines for the first 3 months instead!
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