Running partner

I am 47 years old and returning to running after a break. I am practically back at the beginners stage of walking/running so someone at a similar level or willing to jog round with me would be ideal.

Unfortunately I have also put on a great deal of weight which is a major drawback and makes me very slow.

I live in Fife and work in St Andrews so someone in North East Fife would be ideal.

My running takes place in the evenings and at weekends.

If there is anyone out there who is able to join me please get in touch.


  • Hi Karen,

    I too live in Fife in Dunfermline and am looking for a running partner for doing runs in the winter. Depending on where your routes are I would be willing to meet up and jog with you. I run about 4 miles on an average run but am more than happy to do walk/runs with you to get you started.
  • Hi moo moo

    Change of name to tryer as I am always trying.

    Thanks for your reply. Dunfermline is a little bit too far away as I live in Auchtermuchty and work in St Andrews but I am sure we could arrange something for over the winter months. Any suggestions?
  • Lovely Auchtermuchty!I am sure we could do something, I am sure I could get up to St Andrews is there any nice runs up there and would you be able to run after work? I work in Edinburgh so don't get back home til about 6.15 (ish) Maybe we could do a run on the weekends? We could meet halfway between Auctermuchty and Dunfy or one week I could come up to Auchtermuchty and the next you could visit Dunf. What do you think?
  • Ok will get back to you via e-mail if that is ok. At work just now
  • No probs - am at work as well but am so devious can get away with typing e-mails!!!
  • hey whats dunfermline like?
    may have to move there for a job
  • Its OK, shopping isn't particularly good but as its so close to Edinburgh there is no real problem. Have a running club here as well (Pitreavie). A few OK nightclubs etc. Where are you staying just now?
  • I live in Cardiff. Its BRILLIANT
    Sorry for delayed reply, been at work last 24 hours
    Is it friendly in Dunny?
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