Hypochondriacs Anonymous

Anybody other hypochondriacs here to start a support group?

I knew I was prone to this disease when after reading my running injuries book I immediately suffered every symptom described. Today however it reached a new level...
I was out orienteering which means struggling up and down slippery hills and through trees. I was a bit concerned about the outside of my left leg as it cramped up last week and started pulling painfully on my hip and knee, and though it is under control now by stretching I feel it burn a bit there every now and then.
After I finished I touched my thigh and to my horror found a painful ridge on that leg, a narrow band starting at mid thigh and running across to the side of my leg. A torn muscle! Serious damage!
After a while I realised that I was still walking pain free and sneaked behind a car to have a look. A bluish soft raised throbbing line... can varicose veins suddenly appear like that?

When my brain had recovered from lack of oxygen it I realised that it was just a bruise - it now looks like a red line with blue edges, I suppose I hit a branch. I bruise easily and it's not the first time I've bruised myself withou really noticing, and I probably had my mind on finding the next control anyway.

So, what is the most dramatic injury you ever though you had that turned out to be something completely innocent?


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    According to your answers, you don't generally obsess about your health or overreact to commonplace symptoms and ailments. Your physical well-being may very well be important to you (as it should be) but you know that distressing excessively about it won't protect you from health trouble - if it comes, you'll handle in then. Why waste your time worrying? As a result of your attitude, you're able to stay relatively calm and collected when you're feeling a little "off". As long as you put in the necessary effort to maintain a healthy body, your perspective is serving you well.
  • once woke up with a funny lump in my mouth - had been reading John Diamonds SnakeOil and gradually convinced myself I had mouth cancer -
    - lasted about 2 hrs till it popped!
  • Ive fot a small lump in my mouth - just behind one of my front lower teeth been there a while get sore now and then
  • mm 15/100 too - maybe not so bad after all
  • mm see a dentist Will!

    how was ur bath?
  • Bath was good - now relaxed

  • So you meen i dont stab it with a pin and see what happens
  • Hmm... I haven't seen ER lately, either it isn't on one of the 4 channels I can get here or it's on at a time that I don't watch.

    You appear to have some signs of hypochondria, but not to any extreme point. You worry about unusual symptoms a bit more than the average person, and occasionally blow normal aches and pains out of proportion. It may be necessary to keep a close watch on our health and make the effort to stay "in touch" with our own bodies, but it shouldn't be something that causes major anxiety. You may want to keep your hypochondriac tendencies in check so they don't get the best of you.
  • someone gave me some relaxing herbs 4 my foot
  • 5
  • Isn't such a low score some sort of disorder too?
  • yip
  • Of course
    Though this site didnt think so

    You know docos dont get diseases!
  • Hippo: or very exotic ones that you can only learn about in medical school!
  • Nope
    Im immune
  • I scored 25. It's not fair - having a medical encyclopaedia is part of my job description.
  • lol
  • I said no to that question - I threw away my Readers Digest Home Doctor Encyclopaedia when I went to med school
  • ...ok after I'd used it to help me pass my finals!
  • 35

    but the only reason I've got a medical encyclopaedia is for mr fe honest!
  • I counted the Oxford Textbook of Medicine as a medical encyclopaedia. And the kids' Family Health Library series ought to count double, because I'm giving my offspring the means with which to become hypochondriacs. Kevin and Angelmouse already are, a bit. But with a father who's a martyr to his Bad Back and pops tons of pills, I suppose that's not surprising.
  • ...well if I'm ever in Birmingham!
  • er 30 which is lower than i expected!

    ( new medication helps! :-}})
  • I'm such a hypochondriac! But then again, I'm from a medical family. Apparently, before I can even remember, my dad would come home each evening and tell the gruesome details of all of the cancer surgery he did that day. My mum asked him to stop, because I'd always start to cry, but he refused, because he thought that no one wanted to listen to him. (True!) To this day, me and my brother are still total hypochondriacs! And my dad still tells his gruesome stories.
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