Bottoms Up Halloween 23

Anyone going to be doing this? I'll be helping out on this event by sweeping the course (would finish last anyway so a good excuse).

It's off road naturally, and some navigation is required but its a good friendly event, with food and drink at checkpoints and a welcoming meal at the end, quite cheap as well.



  •  Hiya !!

    Im doing it with my brother.

    Never attempted anything like it before but really looking forward to it.

    Any hints or tips for me? Like, which trainers are best, road or off-road?? Is it best to run with a rucksack containing warm clothing? Is a map and compass advisable??

    You'll be sorry you started this thread!! image

  • Hi there is a Halloween 23 and a 13 is there?
  • Yes there'll be both routes available.

    I'd say a map and a compass was essential but others don't seem to think so, you get written instructions that can be followed but I like to have the safety of being able to locate myself on a map.

    As for what to run in, i don't really know. I am walking and take a rucsac with warm clothing but i've seen many runners not bother with anything much, then again i always think that its pretty dangerous in case they injure themselves.


  • Mate - Isnt this a race , as is the macclesfield and warrington half ? I mean , you talk about getting lost ?

    Thats a bit concerning is it not?

    I thought , that you start follow the rest of the crew , be guided by the Marshalls etc .. How many people are doing this ?

  • To be honest I've never really thought about it. Yes of course it is a race in the sense there will be a first one back, etc.

    It's a 23 mile walking/running race, you're given a route description and there will be checkpoints providing food and drink about 5 miles apart. It'll be of the sort "turn left at crossroads and cross the field and over the next two stiles and then left down the track." My Dad and I did it one year as an event and forgot our map, we asked others to look at theirs and most people didn't have one. I just like it for peace of mind.

    There'll probably be more than 100 on the event, chances are you won'r be very far from another person, most often you just follow someone else.

    It's put on by the Long Distance Walkers Association, and I would call it a challenge walk (although lots of people run them) and part of the challenge is the navigation, there won't be marshalls at every turning pointing you in the right direction.

    If it puts your mind at ease I don't think we've ever lost anyone yet and each participant is checked off as they reach a checkpoint.


  • Dean - welcome to LDWA events, navigation is half the fun and makes it infinitelymore interesting then just pounding the streets

    Mandie - definitely off road shoes, I carry a small runners back pack or bum bag, with a waterproof, extra long sleeveed top, gloves, food, whistle, compass and photocopy of the map. NEver had to use any of the latter ingrediants but some events have kit lists and kit checks. I am hoping to do the 13, so probably wont take that much

    Anyone got anymore info on the route? how hilly?

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